Willis: Financial Details


Posted by: Shaun Dolence

Ray Willis recently signed a two-year deal to stay in Seattle, and the financial terms of the contract were not immediately available. As promised, as soon as I found the information, I would let you know.

Mike Sando, who blogs for the NFC West over at ESPN.com, is usually on top of things and offers great insight and breaking news. From his blog, he provided the details of the contract:

"Ray Willis signed a two-year deal for $6 million. This included a $1 million signing bonus, a $1 million roster bonus and base salaries of $1 million (2009) and $2 million (2010). He can earn another $500,000 in incentives."

The cap value of Willis’ contract last season was $639,600, with a total salary of $525,160 ($520,000 base salary, $458,000 signing bonus, and $5,160 in other bonuses).

So the new contract is a significant increase in pay for Willis, but was necessary to keep him in Seattle. Especially with the Redskins, whose pockets seem bottomless, and Raiders pursuing the coveted offensive tackle.