Draft Analysis On The Way


Alright 12th Man, it is almost April and we’re just weeks away from the 2009 NFL Draft. One of the more intriguing drafts in recent history for Seattle, largely because we hold the fourth overall selection.

Back in February, I promised a mock draft. I have yet to live up to that promise, but I’ll guarantee one soon. However, before I attempt to predict what will happen on draft day, I was going to analyze Tim Ruskell and try to identify tendencies or interesting statistics.

Initially, I looked at Tim Ruskell’s tendencies (Looking Ahead to the Draft) and what types of players he prefers to draft. I came up with a few characteristics that describe players drafted by Ruskell: high effort, good character, top-rated player available, four-year starter, and played at a “big” school (BCS conference, big time competition).

After looking at Ruskell’s preferences, I started to analyze his previous drafts during his tenure in Seattle. This is where I left off – I apologize, but free agency hit and Seattle was a little more active than we all anticipated. When asked about free agency, Ruskell offered, “We’re not going to be big players.” That was quite misleading, Tim.

Anyways, I reviewed the 2005 (Looking Back: 2005 Draft) and 2006 (Looking Back: 2006 Draft) draft classes and left off there. So in the next couple of days, I’ll finish my review, covering the 2007 and 2008 drafts. After I’ve covered those, then I’ll move on to draft needs and prospects that fit them, and then we’ll get to a mock draft or two.

Sorry about the delay.