April Fool’s Joke A Reality?


Most of you have seen them by now: the bright green alternative jerseys that popped up a few days ago as an April Fool’s prank. Or was it?

For those of you who haven’t seen them, here is a quick image. They’re eerily similar to lime green jerseys that Reebok and the Pro Shop has been selling for months now (most of them are on sale too, if you’re interested).

A lot of analysts and fans have written off the jerseys as a hoax, praising a higher power that the Seahawks won’t hit the field in such “horrid” fashion. Other people find the style and color scheme intriguing, and like the alternative look. Either way, what is the chance that this “hoax” will turn into reality?

The lime green look has slowly become representative of the Seattle sports scene since the Seahawks unveiled their new uniforms in 2002. It began with the dot of the Seahawks eye and a hint of green in the jersey trim, and has taken off since. Deion Branch has infamously worn the rather electrifying green receiver gloves since his inception in Seattle, and several players have adopted lime green shoes (and laces) recently released by Nike. Not to mention the Fighting Xboxes (as they’re better known on KJR), or Sounders FC who’ve hit the MLS running with their own lime green variation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seahawks decided to try the alternatives in at least one home game this season; can you imagine the response from the 12th Man when the team rushed out of the tunnel in lime green alternatives? I think the place would start rocking. And don’t forget about the business perspective – these jerseys would fly off the racks at the Pro Shop. No matter what the media thinks (Oregon’s 384 uniform combinations), criticism and wide-spread coverage of the alternative uniforms will sell them alone.

I think the Seahawks should go for it. Start warm-ups at Qwest Field in your normal home uniforms, and return to the locker room and change right before the lineup introductions. Either Qwest Field would fall silent, or everyone would embrace the new style and increase their vocal contribution. Hell, it is worth a shot – maybe the Seahawks can catch some of the Sounders FC magic and unexpectedly win some games next season. Make the change!