12th Man Rising: Live Draft Diary


6:05 PM: I’m going to take a break for now; I’ll have more posted later. Let me know what you think about the 2009 NFL Draft so far!

5:59 PM: Ruskell definitely stayed consistent with his tendencies. Aaron Curry was the best available player at fourth overall, and was a four-year starter with great character and work ethic. Curry was considered by most to be the best overall prospect, and could’ve gone first overall to Detroit. Max Unger was a four-year starter at Oregon as well, and played his first two seasons at left tackle. He can play all five positions on the offensive line, offering great versatility. Unger presented GREAT value in the second round at 49th overall.

5:55 PM: I couldn’t be happier right now. Ruskell and the front office have drafted very well so far in the 2009 draft. Aaron Curry, Max Unger, and a 2010 first round pick from the first day.

5:51 PM: Seattle gave up a third and fourth round pick this year to trade into the second round and draft Max Unger. Unger is an extremely talented and versatile lineman, and will fit in well. He could’ve been a first round pick.

5:48 PM: Tim Ruskell being Tim Ruskell … trading back into the second round to select Unger. What an absolute STEAL. Great value. Great addition.

5:47 PM: GREAT PICK! Max Unger is a Seahawk!

5:45 PM: Seattle just traded back into the second round! They’re up at 49.

5:43 PM: What the hell are the Oakland Raiders doing? First they reach for the fastest player on the board (Heyward-Bey), now they draft Michael Mitchell in the secound round. Some teams reportedly had him as a free agent? Wow.

5:41 PM: From Adam Best, who is also covering the draft live over at NFL Mocks:

“Pat White running the Wildcat 4 the team that brought the Wildcat 2 the NFL. Fits like a bad toupee on John Travolta or Nic Cage.”

5:38 PM: And the second round moves on … Seattle doesn’t pick again until 68.

5:36 PM: The Panthers traded their 2010 first round pick to San Francisco for the 43rd overall pick in the second round (Everette Brown) and the 111th pick in the fourth round.

5:24 PM: And Brown is finally selected by the Carolina Panthers. A possible replacement for Julius Peppers? I think Carolina gave up a 2010 first rounder to San Francisco to move up!

5:18 PM: Everette Brown looks depressed.

5:13 PM: After Brace, the Patriots just picked Darius Butler. Both local (New England) products, both solid pickups. How many damned picks do the Patriots have in the second round?

5:11 PM: The first pick is in: Ron Brace. The Patriots gave the Raiders the 47th overall pick, plus picks in the fourth and sixth rounds.

5:08 PM: The Patriots just traded up to 40, and now own back-to-back picks.

5:03 PM: I would like to thank the Detroit Lions for getting a massive deal done with Matthew Stafford. The Kansas City Chiefs, for passing on Aaron Curry and going with the defensive end from LSU. And last, but definitely not least, the Denver Broncos for … well, GIVING AWAY their 2010 first round pick. Alphonso Smith must be really, really good.

5:00 PM: As a homer, I would like to officially declare Seattle the most successful team so far in the 2009 NFL Draft. Time will tell.

4:57 PM: Aaron Curry and a 2010 first round pick! Not a bad day for Seattle!

4:52 PM: The pick Seattle receives from Denver should be pretty good. Pretty premature, but it looks like we’ll have a good shot at landing a guy like Taylor Mays or Gerald McCoy. Or maybe with the strong quarterback class next year, we’ll find Hasselbeck’s eventual replacement. What a GREAT move by Ruskell.

4:51 PM: WOW! Seattle just traded the 37th overall pick to Denver for their 2010 FIRST ROUNDER. Huge deal, great news for Seattle!

4:47 PM: The Seahawks just traded back with the Broncos. As soon as I hear more details, I’ll post them.

4:44 PM: The Browns just picked Brian Robiskie, another good receiver off the board. Seahawks are up!

4:42 PM: The Rams just drafted James Laurinaitis. Good player. Unfortunately, St. Louis has had a pretty solid draft thus far. Seahawks are up in a couple of picks.

4:36 PM: Patrick Chung just went off the board to the Patriots. I wanted to see him fall to Seattle. Oh well. We’re already in the second round; the Seahawks pick very soon.

4:28 PM: Chris Wells just went to the Cardinals. Great value there; Wells is probably the most talented back in the draft. The durability concerns dropped his value, and the Cardinals grabbed him at 31.

4:26 PM: Wow. The Packers gave up a second round pick (41st overall), plus two third round picks (73rd and 83rd overall) for the Patriots first round pick (26th overall) and a pick in the fifth round.

4:22 PM: Looked like the Titans were going to load up their backfield and draft Chris Wells, but they went with Kenny Britt instead. The Cardinals are on the clock. Will Wells end up in the desert?

4:11 PM: Hakeem Nicks to the Giants. A very predictable pick. Good value; Nicks has the physical tools to be great.

4:04 PM: The Bills just drafted Eric Wood. From the blogger at The Viking Age:

“They just drafted the kid from Bad Santa.”

4:01 PM: The Colts pick Donald Brown, and it is anyone’s guess where Chris Wells will end up.

3:59 PM: Interesting visual from the blogger over at Titan Sized regarding Clay Matthews with the Packers:

“him and hawk are gonna look super radical roaming the field with all that beautiful, flowing blond white boy hair.”

3:54 PM: Sounds like the Patriots moved back again. The Packers traded up and just selected Clay Matthews. Good pick.

3:51 PM: We’re fast approaching the end of the first round. What does everyone think the Seahawks will do in the second?

3:46 PM: A lot of value still on the board, looks like Vontae Davis is going to Miami. I’m not a fan of Davis at all; he is a great athlete (probably the best in the draft), but he lacks mental toughness and is extremely immature. Prima donna.

3:43 PM: Baltimore gave up a fifth round pick (162nd overall) to swap first rounders with the Patriots.

3:36 PM: The Ravens traded up to grab OT Michael Oher. Great value late in the first round. We’ll have to see what they gave up to move to 23.

3:34 PM: Did the Patriots just trade with the Ravens?

3:31 PM: I can’t believe the Vikings pulled the trigger on Harvin. A lot of character issues there. Hell, the guy tested positive for marijuana AT THE COMBINE. The Vikings are taking a big chance here.

3:26 PM: The Cleveland Browns finally make a pick! Alex Mack is a stud. Solid pick, but it could be a little early for him.

3:23 PM: Lions take Pettigrew instead. Fooled me, but a solid pick. A good tight end is a quarterback’s best friend, and Stafford will need all of the help he can get.

3:22 PM: Cleveland added another pick in the sixth round (195th overall) by swapping first rounders with Philadelphia.

3:18 PM: Michael Oher to Detroit here? It seems to make sense.

3:12 PM: Did the Browns just trade back again??? Wow. The Eagles moved up … Maclin has to be the pick here.

2:59 PM: The Browns continue to stockpile picks. They swap first rounders with Tampa Bay and receive a sixth round pick.

2:58 PM: The Browns trade back again! The Bucs move up, and Freeman has to be the pick here.

2:55 PM: Mark Sanchez: “From the west coast, the best coast.” Have fun in New York, Mark.

2:52 PM: Wow. Larry English to the Chargers. A definite surprise there.

2:45 PM: Brian Cushing to the Texans. Kind of a predictable pick; everyone knew one of the USC linebackers would go here.

2:36 PM: The Saints take Malcolm Jenkins here, right?

2:34 PM: And that was quick; looks like the Redskins got their guy. Orakpo to Washington. Good value. I thought there was a possibility he would go to Seattle at four.

2:32 PM: Knowshon Moreno to the Broncos … unusual with Orakpo still on the board. The entire AFC West is drafting weird this year.

2:27 PM: Aaron Maybin to Buffalo at 11. Finally, I get something in my mock draft right! On another note, Maybin’s wrists are blinding me.

2:22 PM: Crabtree to the 49ers … good value, but I think he’ll present more problems than solutions in San Francisco. Holdout anyone?

2:14 PM: B.J. Raji to Green Bay. Does that mean Crabtree goes to San Francisco? I hope so; I’m not sold on Michael Crabtree being the next great wide receiver.

2:10 PM: Well, my mock draft is officially trash now. At least I got Seattle’s pick right! I’m too much of a homer to accurately predict the rest of the NFL.

2:01 PM: Cleveland received DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliffe, and DB Abram Elam. Mangini adding some of his former player who he is obviously familiar with. Good move by Cleveland.

1:59 PM: I’m still smiling from the Curry selection. I can’t wait to see him in a Seahawks uniform.

1:58 PM: WOW. The Raiders just passed up Crabtree and Maclin to take Heyward-Bey. Predictable; Al Davis loves speed, and Heyward-Bey ran a 4.30 40 at the Combine.

1:45 PM: Jets gave up their first- and second-round picks (17th and 52nd overall), plus three players.

1:40 PM: I would’ve loved to trade out of the top five, but I’m happy with Curry. This trade is really going to cost the Jets.

1:33 PM: YES! We picked Curry. I couldn’t be happier … Ruskell definitely got the best player available. Welcome to Seattle, Aaron!

1:25 PM: Well, there goes my mock. Tyson Jackson to the Chiefs! Seahawks are on the clock. Curry is on the board … if it isn’t Curry, we have to trade down.

1:20 PM: I am thinking Monroe here with KC. I would love to see Curry fall to Seattle at four, so maybe my opinion is biased.

1:15 PM: So far, so good for the mock draft. I doubt that will last, though. Smith is a solid pick for the Rams, and the right choice. Seems like they were trying to work out a trade … things could get interesting really fast.

1:10 PM: I’m thinking Jason Smith here. I doubt the Rams will be able to trade out of the second spot, and they have a huge need at offensive tackle.

1:04 PM: And there it is. The Lions select Matthew Stafford … not a surprise, but that was quick. The Rams have to go offensive tackle, right?

1:00 PM: Well, that was fun. Fighting traffic on I-405 on a Saturday afternoon, and making it back just in time for the draft. We’re officially underway now, and the Lions are already on the clock.