Picture Perfect: Curry Joins Hawks at Training Camp


What a great day to attend training camp.

Shortly after the players finished warming up and moved into position-specific drills, it was announced that a new player, number fifty-nine, would be joining the session.

Seattle fans, obviously aware that number fifty-nine belongs to rookie linebacker Aaron Curry, responded with approval, immediately providing an extended applause. This meant that Curry had come to terms with the club and ended his week-long absence from training camp.

While Curry jogged across the field to join his fellow linebackers, fans applauded and cheered with excitement. Everyone was ecstatic after finding out Curry had signed a contract, and I was unfortunately limited by training camp policies enforced by the Seahawks – video taping, live streaming and blogging during practice is strictly prohibited.

Since the breaking news at training camp, it has been reported that Curry’s deal is a six-year contract worth $60 million, including $34 million in guarantees. I think it is obvious that the Seahawks paid more than they had wanted, but it was necessary to get Curry into camp. Teams selecting in the top-five of the NFL Draft will have to pay that price annually, unless the league reforms rookie salaries.

Fortunately, I don’t expect Seattle to be selecting in the top-five anytime soon, unless the Denver Broncos are absolutely terrible this season.

Tyson Jackson, the player selected before Curry, signed a five-year deal worth $57 million, including $31 million guaranteed. Mark Sanchez, the quarterback selected after Curry, signed a five-year deal worth $50.5 million, including $28 million guaranteed.

Maybe the deal that Curry signed wasn’t so bad after all, considering where he was selected.