Seattle Seahawks Deluxe Flag Giveaway


There aren’t many better ways to show your support for the Seattle Seahawks than to raise a large flag featuring the team’s helmet and logo. Neighbors, friends, and passersby will definitely recognize where your loyalty lies.

Raising the flag prior to kickoff, hanging it on a wall, or keeping it displayed year-round will not only look good, but show others that you’re serious about the team you root for.

The folks over at offer high quality flags of all different types, including NFL and Seattle Seahawks flags. They’re all made in the United States, and are sold at very competitive prices. The flags offered through are typically the same flags you’ll see sold at the Pro Shop and other stores who distribute NFL merchandise.

Lucky for us, has provided me with a deluxe 3’ x 5’ flag that features the Seattle Seahawks helmet, and would be a great addition to any fan’s collection. Instead of keeping the flag for myself, I’ve decided to run a small contest and give it away to a lucky Seahawks fan.

And believe me; it was extremely tempting to keep the flag, especially with the regular season fast-approaching.

This Saturday, I’ll be co-hosting a show on Blog Talk Radio in the afternoon, and one lucky caller will have the opportunity to win the flag. The show starts at 12:00 PM, and the call-in number is (646) 716-7083. Listen to the show at

I’m excited about this giveaway, and look forward to hearing from everyone on Saturday. To make things better, the Seahawks open up the preseason the same day against the Chargers!

The deluxe helmet flag offered by is sold for $29.99 on their web site. I highly recommend that flag, and other products to those who may be interested. They have a great selection for every NFL team, as well as custom flags.

We’ll hear from you on Saturday!