Madden 10: EA Shows Mebane Some Respect


And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

Brandon Mebane was originally rated as low as a 71 on Madden 10, and was the third-best defensive tackle on Seattle’s depth chart.

Fortunately for Mebane and Seattle fans who plan on playing with the Seahawks, EA Sports released a roster update that is a little more accurate, to say the least.

After the roster update, Brandon Mebane’s new rating is 80, and he is the best defensive tackle on the roster. Cory Redding is moved to left defensive end and Patrick Kerney to right defensive end.

Rob Sims moves to left guard, leaving Max Unger as the starting right guard over Mansfield Wrotto, whose rating is far inferior. Mike Wahle, who was originally listed as the starting left guard, is removed from the roster.

Players like Devin Moore and Steve Vallos are added, and Jamar Adams is removed. Rookie quarterback Mike Teel is not on either roster, but quarterback Jeff Rowe is.

The worst player on Seattle’s roster is still defensive back Kevin Hobbs (40). If the first preseason game was an accurate barometer of Hobbs’ skills, then Madden has it right – if Hobbs even makes the roster.

With all of the changes, EA Sports didn’t give in to T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s demands, leaving his rating unchanged. Houshmandzadeh had previously said he was boycotting the popular video game until EA Sports correctly rates him as a player.


Madden 10 features a roster of all-time players, including Hall of Fame players and the best of the best. Included on the roster, of course, is former Seahawks wide receiver Steve Largent. Largent is rated 98 overall, and is the third-best wide receiver behind Michael Irvin (99) and Don Maynard (99).

Missing from the NFL Greats roster is defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy, who can’t seem to get much respect from a national perspective. Kennedy was one of the National Football League’s best interior linemen for much of the nineties. Although the Hall of Fame has eluded Kennedy, most fans realize that he is more than worthy of the recognition.

Defensive tackles on the roster include: Ernie Stautner, Arnie Weinmeister, Bob Lilly, Randy White, Buck Buchanon, Joe Greene, Merlin Olsen, Dan Hampton, Leo Nomellini, Henry Jordan, and Alan Page.


Seattle’s rumored lime-green alternate jerseys, which were created as an April Fools’ hoax, are not available for use in the video game. One image of the game prior to Madden’s release featured Seattle playing the New York Jets with the lime-green alternates on. Apparently, Madden doesn’t believe Seattle will go through with the rumored alternates; the Seahawks have not released any plans to do so in 2009.

Madden 10 also features Seattle’s default home uniforms as dark blue jerseys with white pants. The Seahawks have not worn that pairing at home since Qwest Field’s inaugural season, when the new uniforms were first released.

In addition to the home uniforms, the away uniforms are also erroneous. Seattle generally wears white jerseys with white pants on the road; Madden’s default away uniforms have Seattle wearing white jerseys with dark blue pants.

They’re minor mistakes, however, and can be adjusted by users manually prior to starting a game.