Walter Jones: Surgery Was Successful


Walter Jones, as reported, underwent arthroscopic knee surgery yesterday morning, and the operation was successful.

As evident through MRI results, loose bodies and scar tissue were present and removed during the surgery. The general recovery time for this type of operation is four to six weeks, but the team will reassess the situation in a couple of weeks.

The successful operation is obviously good news, but the real news (good or bad, to be determined) will break in a couple of weeks when the team reevaluates Jones’ troublesome knee.

Until then, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope we haven’t seen the last of one of the greatest tackles ever. I think the Seahawks have capable players to cover Jones’ absence, but no one can truly replace a player of his caliber.

Depth becomes a concern, and depending on the reevaluation of Jones, the Seahawks may look to add another veteran to the offensive line. If the Seahawks add a player to the mix before the status of the Pro Bowl tackle is confirmed, it may be a hint the organization lacks confidence in Jones’ ability to return to the field this season.

For now, in the absence of Jones, Sean Locklear will start at left tackle. Ray Willis will move into a starting role at right tackle, and Max Unger or Mansfield Wrotto will play right guard. If Jones was healthy, Locklear could’ve possibly seen time at right guard in an attempt to keep the five best offensive linemen on the field.

Although this situation isn’t ideal, the depth developed last season will allow the team to better absorb the unfortunate situation. And rookie Max Unger will get the opportunity to see more playing time at guard, which could enhance his development as well.

A little bit of optimism never hurts when everyone else is panicking. If all goes well, then we should see seventy-one back on the field in the regular season.