Roster Changes


The Seahawks have released tackle Kyle Williams and re-signed veteran fullback Justin Griffith. This was reported as early as Monday evening and confirmed by most sources yesterday.

The move reciprocates the previous transaction prior to the game in Indianapolis, where the Seahawks released Griffith and signed Williams. These two changes were obviously made to adjust for depth; the Seahawks needed Williams on the roster after the depletion of capable offensive tackles due to injury.

Griffith was temporarily expendable because he has been struggling with a knee injury. It is my understanding that the organization conveniently released him so his pay would not be affected by the transaction.

Williams likely finds a home on the practice squad, unless he is claimed by another team.

Hopefully, this signifies some confidence in Walter Jones and his ability to return to the starting lineup. Or maybe the team wasn’t impressed with what Williams had to offer and decided losing Griffith was too much of a gamble.

Either way, these are only minor changes; more can be expected throughout the season as the Seahawks struggle to achieve optimal depth and battle through injury.