Golden Tate: Razed, Hazed, Glazed, or Amazed?


I couldn’t help but laugh today at the Seattle Times’ daily sports poll:

"How should the Seahawks handle Golden Tate for his 3 a.m. maple-bar caper?Raze him: $1,000 fineHaze him: 8-hours work at Top PotGlaze him: Make him buy doughnuts throughout campAmaze him: No punishment"

You can vote at the poll by visiting the sports page at The results of the poll will be published in Friday’s paper.

As of Thursday afternoon, most voters think the Seahawks should “glaze” Tate, forcing him to buy doughnuts throughout camp.

I’m all for it, as long as he obtains the doughnuts legally and during normal business hours.

Shaun Dolence:
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