Justin Forsett is a Top-10 Prospect in the NFL


Okay, so I’m sure the Seahawks have more promising prospects than only Justin Forsett. But considering the criteria used to rank the top prospects, he is the only talented player who is also eligible.

According to Football Outsiders via ESPN.com, Justin Forsett ranks ninth on a list of the top twenty-five prospects in the National Football League.

To be eligible, prospects must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in the second, third, or fourth year of their pro career
  • Have been drafted in rounds three to seven or signed as an undrafted free agent
  • Have started fewer than five career games in the NFL
  • Still on their rookie contract

Given these conditions, players like Aaron Curry, Charlie Whitehurst, or David Hawthorne are not eligible.

Forsett, entering his third NFL season, has only started two games, both last season with the Seahawks. He was drafted in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft following an impressive career at California.

From Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders:

"Given a chance to carry the ball last year while Rome burned around him, Forsett put up an 18.2 percent DVOA, fourth-beat among qualifying backs. The DVOA of the other Seattle backs wasn’t as pretty: Julius Jones was at minus-6.2 percent, and the remains of what used to be Edgerrin James mustered a whopping minus-30.2 percent. Forsett was also the team’s best receiver out of the backfield. With investments along the offensive line and a guaranteed lack of Seneca Wallace at quarterback, Forsett should remain one of the league’s most efficient and quietly effective backs in 2010. Professionals personnel note: Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell tried to give Forsett away, waiving him after selecting him in the seventh round of the 2008 NFL Draft but got Forsett back after the Colts picked him up and couldn’t find a consistent roster spot."

Prospects on Seattle’s roster who were eligible but missed the cut include Deon Butler, Nick Reed, Red Bryant, and a handful of lesser players.

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