Key to the Game in Chicago

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The bottom line: The Seahawks need a win on the road before anyone will take them seriously. They are playing like two entirely different teams right now depending on whether they are home or away. Chicago has a tough defense and is traditionally a hard place to play. The Jay Cutler / Mike Martz combo could touch down like a hurricane on the Seattle defense. The Hawks only hope is to put pressure on Cutler throughout the entire game and not just in one half of it. Cutler takes many 7 step drops, and gives defenses more than enough time to get to him. That’s how he got concussed in the first place. The key to this game is to get to him whether he gets the pass off or not. Hit him hard and often. I would even let a penalty or two go concerning this. Settle down… I am not saying I want to injure the guy. I am just saying a message needs to be sent. It is football.

Good luck Hawks! This could be the road win we’ve been waiting so desperately for.