Raheem Brock’s All-Time Flop


Raheem Brock really needs to work on his acting.

Late in Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals, Brock was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The penalty  was called because Brock was apparently taunting Arizona quarterback Derek Anderson.

After coming together at the sidelines following a play, Anderson brushed against Brock while returning to his huddle. Attempting to exaggerate the force applied by Arizona’s quarterback, Brock threw himself backwards and onto the ground. I’m pretty sure he also held his hands up as if he were attempting to draw a penalty.

Despite Brock’s obvious flop, the officials were not fooled. Flags were thrown in his area and he was penalized for taunting the opponent.

The penalty was somewhat absurd. Brock, however, still needs to show a little more discipline on the field. According to Brock, he only told Anderson he was “pretty fast for a QB.” The obvious flop, however, is probably what warranted a penalty.

“I’ve been working on my acting,” Raheem Brock said after the game. “I got a lot of work to do, I see.”

Pete Carroll called it “one of the all-time flops.”

Nice work, Raheem. But maybe next time don’t make it so obvious and draw a penalty? And definitely don’t commit such a mindless penalty when the game is still in contention.

Shaun Dolence: dolencesm@gmail.com
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