Russell Okung Still Not Ready


This should really come as no surprise to anyone. Okung has missed much of the season due to injury. He has started and finished a total of (drum roll)…1 whole game (cymbal crash). It’s hard not to begin to get frustrated with Okung. Why is he injured all the time? This is absolutely ridiculous! Right?

Rest assured, I am sure Okung is more frustrated than anyone. He has shown no reason to feel otherwise. So far the only bad move he has made is getting injured, and that how much blame can a player take for that?

Being a top pick in the draft and signing a huge contract before ever playing a down can be overwhelming for some young men. The most frustrating thing for Okung has to be that this injury has nothing to do with his effort or actions. It’s just a stupid random thing that has happened to him this season… twice.

He will be fine next week, and still have plenty of time to show all the reasons we drafted him in the first place. Look for Okung to finish strong this season citing the chip on his shoulder regarding the injuries. See ya soon big fella.