The Playoffs Come Early for Hawks


What I am about to prognosticate is ridiculous. I am going to base an entire blog post on the possibility that I can pick eight NFL games correctly—even without the spread in play this is a ridiculous assumption. God bless the internet, and God bless blogging. Now pay attention World Wide Web.

Besides being the day in which I will be coming out of my ill-advised (by Mrs. Prognosticator who has the over/under of embarrassing New Year’s moments for Mr. Prognosticator at eight) two-days of rest, January 2nd is week 17 for the NFL, and also the Rams/Seahawks final game of the season.

A quick look at the ESPN Power Rankings shows why week 17 could be the entire season for the NFC West (Seahawks 21 Rams 22). We all know that there will be no wildcard out of the NFC West this year. So, we are stuck with looking at the remaining season schedules for two teams (I don’t care how much is written by the 49er faithful about Troy Smith. Troy Smith is NOT going to save this awful 49ers team. How in the world does Singletary still have his job? Oh yeah…the stare…the eyes). The Seahawks and the Rams (do we need to mention the Cardinals? No. We don’t).

The Seahawks will beat KC. KC is awful on the road. Seattle is competent at home, and our punter is awesome. 6-5

The Seahawks will beat Carolina. If not? I will never write another blog post again. 7-5

The Seahawks will beat the 49ers. See above. 8-5

The Seahawks will lose to the Falcons. 8-6

The Seahawks will lose to Tampa Bay. 8-7

And the Rams…

Rams will beat the most annoying team in the NFL to watch on NATIONAL TELEVISION. PLEASE STOP MAKING ME WATCH THEM. The Broncos. Problem? We don’t know what Broncos team will show up, and the Rams haven’t won a game on the road in over a year, and the Broncos haven’t lost to an NFC team at home in the last six games. If I am wrong about this? You can stop reading right now, and my very first blog post will be ridiculous. God bless the internet. 5-6

Rams beat the Cardinals. 6-6

Rams lose to the Saints. 6-7

Rams beat the Chiefs. 7-7

Rams beat the 49ers. 8-7

And there you go—a meaningful game for all of us to watch on January 2nd. If all of this comes to be? We will be blogging and writing and hoping for the entire week. If not? I will change my posting name for this blog and start fresh. God bless the internet.