12th Man Rising vs. the Kansas City Chiefs


This just happened 15 minutes ago at the Hyatt on Pine:

I just got off the elevator with a minimum of 8 Kansas City Chiefs. 8 of them, and me and my friend.

I jumped the line hoping to be the last guy to get into the elevator. I was, and then they held the door and made room for my buddy. The door shut and I had to say it, “I hope you guys have a nice night, Seattle’s a nice city but the noise here is kind of a big deal.”

One guy by the buttons asked me without looking up, “Do you work for the Seahawks?”

The doors opened. “Get your rest cause it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow fellas.”  My buddy and I filed out the crowded elevator.

As we walked away the guy by the buttons said, “I thought they paid you to say that…Damn right get the hell off.” The door shut, and I just stared at my friend for a second.

I hope like hell we win this game tomorrow. Go Hawks!