5 Facts Concerning This Team


I am absolutely speechless.

I feel like I keep getting taken in by this team. They do just enough to give me hope, and then they tear it away from me again. You’d think we would know better as Seahawks fans.

Here are the Facts:
1. This is only year 1 of a rebuilding process. This is the year that the Seahawks do the best with what they have. A bunch of patchwork players, a few rookies with great potential, and a couple of aging veterans with a little left in the tank. Is it all that much different than Holmgren’s first year when the Hawks made the playoffs only to get bounced by Miami at home in the first round?

2. If the Hawks can secure a home playoff game, this year will be a success. Regardless of how bad the NFC West is, winning it is still a big enough deal to get a playoff game. I wouldn’t look too much farther than that right now.

3. After 2 embarrassing seasons of Seahawk football, fans should accept improvement rather than demanding perfection.

4. Mike Williams needs a new contract in Seattle. Let’s not break the bank here, but maybe a incentive laced contract is the way to go. He is becoming a favorite target as a result of his undefendable size. This guy is worth keeping if his attitude and work ethic are a lock, and so far he seems to be saying all the right things.

5. Pete Carroll is off to a great start. He has a long way to go before he garnishes the respect and admiration of the great one, Mike Holmgren, however I feel like the race to get back there has started.