Welcome Back Walter Jones


Looks like Walter Jones’ number will be officially retired this Sunday. This is the greatest Seahawks of all time, and I hope the only reason that they waited this long to retire his jersey is because of   Big Walt’s schedule and not the Seahawks.

Many fans would argue that Largent is the greatest Seahawk of all time.  I believe that fans say Largent because they’re conditioned to.  It has been so long since the Seahawks have had a player to hang their hat on, fans forgot what it felt like.

Walt, being a Left Tackle, went under the radar.  He’s a quiet man in a position that garnishes hardly any statistical categories.  Fans took him for granted.  And Walt never batted an eye.  He just kept coming to work everday.

Make no mistake fans,  Big Walt was the best player we have ever had.  He is argueably the best to play the most important position in football.  The same cannot be said of Largent.

I love Largent.  I have a throwback I even wear to the games once in a while, but Jones has taken his place as the greatest Seahawk of all time.  This weekend I will, without doubt, be wearing good ole’ number 71.

Can’t wait to see Walt again.  I would imagine he is going to raise the flag as well.  That makes what would be a normally unimportant game a once in a fan-life moment.