Ultimate Displaced Seahawks Fan


I got this video from Jeff Millard.  It is very cool.  Find out how you could win tickets to the next Super Bowl or a free season of NFL Ticket.

What does it mean to be a “Displaced” Seahawks Fan? In the below video James Southerland, 2009 Ultimate Displaced Fan Finalist, explains what it is like to be a Hawks fan in Los Angeles. His entry nearly earned him a trip for two the Super Bowl to meet his favorite Seahawks player. As a finalist he was awarded free installation and a year of complimentary DIRECTV PREMIER programming along with the 2010 NFL SUNDAY TICKET service.


James Sutherland remembers crying at 8 years old when Norm Johnson of the Seattle Seahawks missed a field goal against the Houston Oilers in the playoffs. Over twenty years later James is still a Seahawks fan,” I live and die with a team that regularly dies.”  His devotion to his team has influenced some of his Southern California friends to convert Seahawk fans. He has dealt with persecution for his choice in team and even with the less than positive memories of the Seahawks, he still loves the team, a love that he describes as contagious.

With that being said, I have noticed this year’s contest does not have one Seahawks fan in the Top 20. Where you at? It’s easy to be a Displaced Patriots or Cowboys fan, but as James said, the Displaced Seattle Seahawks fan is a special breed as they do not jump the bandwagon. Check out some of this year’s entry and you will see it will not take mush to become a finalist…

To enter in DirecTV’s Ultimate Displaced Fan search click here. The grand prize includes a trip for two to Dallas and tickets to Super Bowl XLV. While in Dallas, you will experience an NFL fan’s dream week, including participation in your own media tour at the Super Bowl media center’s famed “radio row” alongside your favorite player from the Seahawks. The winner will also participate in the nationally televised DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl flag football game where their teammates will include former NFL stars and Hollywood celebrities. In addition, you will receive a year of complimentary DIRECTV monthly programming, along with the 2011 NFL SUNDAY TICKET service. Check out the 2009 Ultimate Displaced Fan’s experience.