The Debate Begins Now


I couldn’t believe it was happening. “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…” I looked around immediately to see who was doing it, and it was everybody.

During the player introductions there were the faintest of boos. You had to listen to hear them, but they were there. It seemed as though the crowd was waiting to turn on Hasselbeck, and unfortunately for the Seahawks, Matt did not disapoint them.

Three turnovers later, the crowd was ready to see Matt go, however, I don’t think they really expected to see what happened next.

Whitehurst put together an 88 yard scoring drive capped with a gutsy run up the middle. This is when it started. “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…” After Whitehurst found Obomanu for another 2 points, the crowd got even louder, “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…”

It didn’t seem really loud to me, and it certainly didn’t last a long time, however, for a lonely Matt Hasselbeck, it must have seemed like a lifetime.

I thought he handled it well after the game. He said what he was supposed to. He always does.

This brings me to the question that everyone is asking,

Is it time for Hasselbeck to step down?

I am really going to think hard about this. Yesterday, I was so upset that I was ready to give Whitehurst the nod until he lost it. Today, I have calmed down enough to begrudge the fact that Hasselbeck, despite the turnover frenzy, is still the better quarterback. Later this week, I will probably be ready to give him one more chance with a very short leash. Maybe Pete should just hold the collar in his hand.

I am truly torn. I have really loved watching Matt Hasselbeck become the player he was in his prime. He really matured as a man and a player. He handled adversity well, and never gave up. He was a great leader for this team for a very long time.

That’s why it is so hard to see him struggle so badly for the last few seasons. He’s not the same player that he was, or maybe this system does not suit his strengths? Regardless something needs to be done at Hasselbeck’s expense.

I will be sad to see him go. He really was a great player for the Hawks.

Good luck in Cleveland old friend.