An Apology to Matt Hasselbeck


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…

I was in the stadium that day, however, I was not one of the chanting tens of thousands. In fact I was shocked to see it happening.

But after the game, walking back to the hotel amidst all the other blue and white jerseys, I found myself falling victim to it: The curse of the backup quarterback.

Every city has one, and every team without a winning record thinks he’s the man.

I am embarrassed to say it. But I fell victim to it today.

Sorry Matt.

I should know better. I have seen enough losing seasons, not just as a Hawks fan but as a Seattle sports fan in general, to know that knee jerk reactions in the middle of a crisis situation only lead to more turmoil.

I am really sorry Matt Hasselbeck.

Whitehurst finished the day 11-18 and a mere 66 yards. He looked uncomfortable from the start when he blew an easy pass to his left on his first play of the game. Pros aren’t supposed to miss such easy passes. I can’t imagine what was going through Whitehurst’s head as he continued to struggle all day long against a defense ranked 6th against the pass. He was in over his head, and everyone knew it. Especially Charlie

Will you forgive me Matt Hasselbeck?

It is absolutely crystal clear to me that Matt Hasselbeck gives this team their best chance to win. Charlie Whitehurst is just not ready. His qb rating is 54.7 for the season as his stat line looks great … if it represented 1 game and his td and int totals were reversed. 315 total yards 1td and 3 interceptions.

I promise it won’t happen again Matt Hasselbeck.

If Matt can start, (he will) it could be his last game as a Seahawk. This should be a sad day for the fans as well as Matt, but based on the way fans threw him under the bus 1 week and a day ago, Matt may already be packing his stuff, and I can’t say I blame him.

I sincerely apologize MH.

I am not happy with the play of Matt as of late, however, he deserves more than having another guy’s name chanted as he walks off the field. Especially when that guy is Charlie Whitehurst.

I am sorry Matt Hasselbeck.

You deserve better.