Welcome Back Matt


I stated in an earlier post that I would be very surprised if Hasselbeck started this week.  Well, I am stunned.  It’s not that I dislike Matt.  Quite the contrary, I think he is the best quarterback the Seahawks have ever had.  It’s just that he has struggled mightily as of late, and Whitehurst did not turn the ball over in his last start.

So who should start?

Whitehusrst earned the right in his last game against the Rams, however, I would argue that Matt Hasselbeck has earned the right over the course of his entire career.  This will be Matt Hasselbeck’s last home game, and the Hawks game against Chicago and the Chargers were just as important as the win over the Rams.

I know that many fans have fallen in love with Whitehurst which is understandable this season.  He is the young unproven who represents hope.  Hasselbeck on the other hand is the aging veteran who represents history.

In the last game against New Orleans earlier this season, Hasselbeck threw for 366 yards and one touchdown.  What’s not to like about this stat?  He also completed passes to 8 different receivers without a single turnover.

The problem in the Saints game was not Matt Hasselbeck, it was the defense who gave up 382 yards and 4 touchdowns.  New Orleans also rushed for over 100 yards.

The key to this game is the pass rush.  Hit Brees often, and the Hawks can win this game.  Kelly Jennings needs to have the game of his life, and Marcus Trufant needs to have a game like 2007.  All of things can happen.  The Hawks could shock the world this weekend.

Good luck Seahawks.  This could be one of the greatest upsets in Seattle sports history.