The Saints Didn’t Beat Themselves, The Seahawks Did.


Nobody in the media gave them a chance.  The phrase, “they don’t deserve to be here,” was the dagger of choice for media and fans alike.  I expect this from the media, but the fans?  Really?  Can we finally stop talking about the draft pick?  Hawkman?

They won.  And guess what?  Most of the major media sources give credit to… the Saints for not showing up.

This is absolutely ridiculous.  The Hawks put up 41 points on the 4th ranked defense in the NFL.  Matt Hasselbeck destroyed the defense with his arm and Marshawn Lynch destroyed them with his legs. 

I could not be happier for Hasselbeck right now.  He is one of the greatest most tenured Seahawks of all time whose star looked to be fading.  Many fans had given up on him thinking that he had lost his magic (I already apologized).  However, yesterday he proved to have some left in the tank.  Just enough for one more run with the team he has earned the right to lead.  Well done old friend.  That was a performance for the ages.  One that has hopefully solidified Matt’s Ring of Honor status and his place in Seahawks lore.

Now “The run.”  What are we going to call this?  It deserves a name.  Was this the greatest play in Seahawks history?  It has to be the greatest running play.  I have never seen a runner break 8 tackles and defy a defense so badly.  I like to picture Jim Brown and Barry Sanders watching that play together saying to each other, “Now that’s how we used to take care of business.”  Thank you Marshawn for the greatest run in Seahawks history and for putting the nail in the coffin of the Super Bowl Champions.

Congratulations to everyone who still believed in this team.  It’s hard being a Seahawk fan, and the media doesn’t make it any easier.  Neither do the fair weather fans.  You know who you are.  Feel good this week as your team defied the universe to win this game.  Your team is an up and coming franchise with a white hot coach and more momentum than any team in the NFL right now.  GO HAWKS!