Lynch Finds a New Home With Fans in Seattle


People are still talking about it.

“The run.”

It has been called by many fans and media sources alike,  “The greatest run I have ever seen.”

It was bound to happen at some point for Marshwn Lynch.  All year long he has been running like a Beast, however, has had little to show for it but pride.  You see him fight harder than any other runningback in Seahawks history for every yard.   He plays with no fear of injury, and you never get the feeling that he is just padding the stats.  He gives 100% on every play in every game.

As great as Shaun Alexander was for the Seahawks, he never ran like that.  Ever.

Before the biggest upset in the history of the NFL playoffs happened, Marshawn was introduced alongside his college teammate, Justin Forsett.  After emerging from the tunnel, each running back stood with his back to the other, one with his arms crossed and the other pointing up to the sky.  Neither trying to take from the other.  A rare case of character and friendship in a business driven league.  These two friends realize that their styles compliment one another in turn making them each a better player.  The Beast and the Priest as they have been called.

You have to love this tandem despite the poor rushing production all season long.  Marshwn is averaging 3.5 ypc.  This doesn’t seem like much, however, it should be noted that Lynch has been routinely hit in the backfield and been forced to create a little something out of nothing.  Say what you want about his 3.5ypc, but in my opinion, it’s the toughest 3.5 yard average in the NFL.

The match-up in Chicago is almost the opposite of the Saints the previous week.  New Orleans was ranked 4th against the pass and 16th against the rush.  Chicago, on the other hand, is ranked 2nd against the run and 20th against the pass.  One would not expect Lynch to have the same game against Chicago, however, momentum can do crazy things to opposing defenses, and Lynch has more momentum than any other player in the NFL right now.