5 Questions from A Bears Blogger


This has been a busy week for the 12th Man Rising.  I recently got an email from a fellow blogger, Jonathan D. Carroll, who runs a blog called Bears Head Quarters.  The website is www.bearsheadquarters.com  He suggested that we each ask each other 5 questions about the upcoming game.  Thought it might be fun, so I gave it a whirl.  These are the questions that he asked me.  I will post my questions for John shortly.

1. The Seattle Seahawks came to Solider Field in early October and defeated the Chicago Bears. Is this the same team that beat the Bears at Solider Field or can we as Bears fans expect something else?

12th ManIt depends on which Seahawks team shows up.  If it’s the one that got crushed 41-7 by the Giants, then they’re worse.  If it’s the team that just beat the New Orleans Saints, then they’re better.  I guess my answer would have to be, YES, and I hope it’s the team that played last week

2. Sometimes the luck of the draw has a team making the playoffs and a team with a better record staying home. Does it get old to hear teams like the Giants and Buccaneers complain about the Seahawksmaking it to the playoffs with a sub-500 record? Did the win over the Saints help establish the Seahawks belong or did the Saints look past this game (for the record, I picked you guys to win)?

12th ManIt does get old.  And it’s not just the teams complaining, it’s everyone.  Especially in the National Media.  I understand that it is frustrating for teams with a better record, but what I don’t get is why they take it out on the Seahawks.  They didn’t make the rules.  It’s not their fault those other teams didn’t get in.  If fans want to be frustrated, I understand.  Just take it out on the people who made the rules not the team that is following them. 

3. The Chicago Bears are a different football team than the Seahawks saw in October. This is not meant to be an excuse, but Lance Briggs and Roberto Garza, two key Bears, missed that game and the Chicago Bears didn’t commit to running the football. Now the Bears are healthy. What have you seen from the Bears that’s different from the first time these two teams met?

12th ManJay Cutler is playing better, and it seems as though Mike Martz and his offense are starting to get on the same page.  Hawks fans are quite familiar with Mike Martz and his aggressive style.  To be a quarterback in his system is a daunting task that takes more than an offseason to comprehend, and every game Cutler plays under this system, he will improve provided that he remains coachable.

Lance Briggs is a very good football player.  He will absolutely force the Hawks to adjust their offense in order to keep track of him at all times. 

4. Who are some players we should be afraid of as Bears fans? What about you? Who scares you on the Chicago Bears?

12th ManMatt Hasselbeck is coming off the game of his life last week.  If he picks up where he left off, this could turn into another explosive game.   Raheem Brock has really come out of nowhere to collect 9 sacks for Seattle this season and had a great game against the Saints.  Martz has a tendency to leave his qb in the pocket for a little to long.  If that is the case this weekend, The Hawks’ pass rush could be the difference.

 The Entire Defense.  This run defense will truly test Lynch.  He ran as hard as I have ever seen him run last week, so I hope he left a little in the tank for Chicago. 

5. Is there any reason why Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air? Doesn’t it make your city look bad?

12th ManWow!  That was a real low blow.  Not every city gets the Blues Brothers. 


6. Prediction…

Gotta go with the Seahawks:  24-17
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