A Conversation with Chicago Beat Writer and Radio Personality Jeff Dickerson


 I recently had the chance to talk on the phone with Jeff Dickerson.  Jeff has been traveling with the Bears and covering them  for ABC-7.  Jeff also appears on Chicago’s Game Day Live and hosts a nightly show on ESPN 1000   from 7:30pm to 11:00pm.  To see more about Jeff and his work, check out espnchicago.com  And a quick thanks to Don Povia for setting me up with Jeff. 
Due to a last minute technical difficulty, I was not able to get a recording of this interview, but I was able to take notes.  Unfortunately my typing is not as fast as I thought it was, so I had to paraphrase the answers a little bit.   
 Do the Hawks deserve to be here?
I got the feeling that Jeff absolutely thought that the Hawks deserved to be in the playoffs.  “If you win your division that’s how it goes.”  He understood why some fans might be “upset”, and went on to suggest that maybe reseeding teams might be one solution.  One thing Jeff was absolutely clear about was that the Bears players were not overlooking the Seahawks.
The Seahawks are not the most popular team in the press.  Who does the rest of the country of this team?
Jeff was quick to point out that the Bears aren’t exactly, “media darlings.”  He stated that , “the Bears have got their own problems,” and that, “Dilfer is ripping the Bears on a nightly basis.”  The first Seahawks player he mentioned was Earl Thomas, “a guy the Bears have talked about a lot.”  He also mentioned Mike Williams. “because he was a but,” but also because, “he had a great game against the Bears,” earlier in the season.”  In that game Williams had 10 catches for 123 yards.  Jeff was also quick to point out the experience and impact of Lofa Tatupu as well as some of the 2nd year and rookie players Seattle has quired through the draft.
Is Mike Martz a better OC or Head coach?  Have the years made him better than he was in St Louis?
Initially Jeff stated, “I might have to say no.  But he did adapt a little bit.”  Jeff was reluctant to give Martz too much credit.  “They are running the football better, and Martz’s play calling has shifted a bit.  He’s done an ok job.”  Jeff went on to state that he didn’t think Martz would be getting another Head coaching job anytime soon, however, he did state that, Mike Tice has, “done a great job with the guys up front.”  Jeff’s biggest fear concerning Mike Martz was that he may, “go back to his old tricks on Sunday.”  In the end, I don’t think Jeff really disliked or liked Mike Martz as he consistently used the word, “ok,” to describe him. 
How much of an impact does the crowd have on this game?
“I know how loud it gets (at Qwest Field.)  Soldier field is not on that level.”  He thought that Chicago fans were “passionate,” but that Seahawks fans were, crazy over the top.  To tell you the truth, I knd of prefer crazy over the top.”  There’s a tip of the hat for you 12th Man
 Describe the evolution of Jay Cutler?  Is it Cutler or Martz evolving the most this year?
“It all starts with the run.”  Jeff was adimant on this point throughout the entire interview.  “It makes them less predictable.”  Jeff thought that the Bears, “have done themselves a lot of favors on 3rddown,” since they have balanced their offense.  Chicago was 0-12 on 3rd down the last time these two teams met.  “Cutler has played great at times this year, but getting back to a balance style offense has meant the world to this team.”  Jeff really thought that this game would come down to how many times Chicago rushed the ball stating that, “if Matt Forte doesn’t get at least 20 touches, it will be a crime.” 
Which game best defined the Bears team this year?
 “I think the Jets was most impressive.”  Chicago snuck away that week with a 38-34 victory over the Jets, however, he didn’t think that game was the one that really defined the team.  “The defining win was the Eagles.”  In this game the, “offense moved the ball at will outside of one bad sequence in the end of the first half.”  That game the Bears put up 31 points to the Eagles 26.  “That’s when everybody believed it was more than luck.”
“If the Bears don’t win this game, the city might fall into Lake Michigan. 31-17 Bears.”
Thanks again to Jeff for taking the time to talk with the 12th Man Rising, and even though he picked the Bears, I appreciated the respect he gave this Seahawks team.  The more I talked with him, the more I realized how similar these two teams are concerning the lack of support from the media.  At the end of week 7, I don’t think anyone really expected either team to be here, yet here they are.  I wonder if Drew Brees and Peyton Manning will be watching this game together?