Charlie Who?, Part One


There has been a lot of speculation regarding the Seahawks’ QB situation since last season ended. The discussion has centered around Matt Hasselbeck, the upcoming NFL Draft, and the possible acquisition of someone like Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia. I would like to discuss these topics as they relate to the only quarterback currently under contract, Charlie Whitehurst. Remember him?

Regarding Hasselbeck, the question is, can and/or will the Seahawks re-sign him? I believe that the Seahawks would like him back. However, I doubt the team would offer a contract longer than two years given his age, injury issues, and declining production. There are a lot of teams with unsettled QB situations. If one of those teams were to offer Hasselbeck a three or four year deal, then he will probably become an ex-Seahawk.

If Hasselbeck does not return, then what? The coaching staff didn’t seem to have much confidence in Whitehurst. Whitehurst only played when Hasselbeck was unable to due to injury or when it was absolutely necessary, such as at the end of the Atlanta game. The second half of the game at San Francisco was an ideal opportunity for Whitehurst to receive some substantial (and much needed) playing time, yet Hasselbeck finished that game. That bothered me when it happened, and it still does now.

If Hasselbeck is re-signed, Whitehurst will likely be in the same situation he was last season. Since Whitehurst will be a free agent at the end of next season, there isn’t much incentive for the team to prepare him for any significant role in the future. If another QB isn’t brought in through draft, free agency or trade, the position will be the number one priority next offseason. Currently, there are so many positions that could use upgrading that quarterback isn’t an absolute necessity.

In Part Two, I’ll look at how Whitehurst has affected the draft and how the draft may affect him.