A Look at the Draft – QB


Whether or not Matt Hasselbeck is re-signed, the Seahawks have to start planning for the future of the team at quarterback. Charlie Whitehurst is only signed through next season. Even if Whitehurst were to sign an extension, there is still a gaping need for a young QB that Seattle must address through the draft either this year or next. With so many needs to address as well as the urgency to draft players who will play right away, is it wise for the team to draft a quarterback in the first or second round? My vote would be no to the first round, and maybe to the second.

The so-called “insiders” would have you believe that quarterbacks are a smoking hot commodity in this draft. I’ve read that as many as seven QB’s could be taken in the first 50 picks. Rumors are swirling that teams are looking to trade up in the draft to select a quarterback.

If those rumors are true, it bodes well for the Seahawks. If several signal callers are selected early, then a better selection of offensive and defensive linemen will be available to Seattle at pick #25. Also, if QB’s are in demand, the team will have an opportunity to broker a better deal if they decide to trade down a few spots.

I just don’t believe the hype. I cannot recall the last time there was a run on quarterbacks as a unit in the NFL draft. There are plenty of instances where a particular quarterback or two made late runs up the draft boards, e.g., Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman two years ago. This year, Cam Newton has made a significant run up since the end of last season, to the point where almost everyone believes he will be the first player drafted. However, there are so many others rumored to be moving up (Jake Locker, Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, and Colin Kaepernick, to name a few) that it just seems unrealistic to me.

If there is a run on quarterbacks in this draft, I would hope the Seahawks stay disciplined and draft the highest player on their board based on talent and need rather than reach for a QB at #25. If there is a quarterback available in the second round at #57 who represents a good value for the pick, then I’d have no problem with selecting one there. The only exception for me would be if Seattle chose Ryan Mallett. For reasons I won’t go into right now, I would be livid if Mallett were to become a Seahawk.

If they do draft a QB this year, the team cannot afford to make a mistake no matter where that player is selected. The Seahawks are still feeling the effects of the failure that was David Greene and, to a lesser extent, Mike Teel. They can’t afford to waste a draft pick, even one in the later rounds.