Seahawks Fandamonium: Charlie Whitehurst must start.

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This team is being built, for better or for worse, with the hope that we find a franchise quarterback. We’re not building around one like the Rams, Lions, and Bucs; we’re setting a foundation for one to come in and be effective. I think we all HOPE Whitehurst will be that guy, and with a new emphasis on the ground game, more offensive weapons, and a turnover/ sack oriented defense, it is plausible. Likely? To be determined.

It’s going to be a vicious 5 week run when the season begins, playing at San Fran, at Pitt, at NY Giants, and home against the Falcons. If Hasselbeck does earn the starting job (assuming he’s even signed), it’s easy to imagine the “Charlie for starter” talk coming to a head over the bye week. And with a week 7-8 run through the Ohio teams, that could be the opportune moment

As much as I loved witnessing the playoff win agaisnt the Saints, and as much as I was astounded by some of the throws Hasselbeck completed, may we not forget how it was possible? Clipboard Jesus (I hate that moniker, by the way) stepped up in his second start ever and won a do-or-die, playoff atmosphere game. Were his stats overwhelming? Not particlarly. Was he fairly unspectacular? Sure. Did he win the game? Yes. Did he prove enough to deserve a shot? I’d sure say so.

Whenever it may be, and the sooner the better, the Seahawks’ management needs to let Whitehurst be the starter. He needs to lead this young team, grow within it, and hopefully thrive. Even in my wildest optimism, I don’t expect him to be this franchise’s savior, but he needs to be given the opportunity. If he’s starting caliber, start him. If he’s only a backup, draft someone to replace him. But do not go through another year of mingling in mediocrity because we don’t have the audacity to give the guy a chance. The potential is there. He just needs to be tested.