Seahawks Gameday: Jackson Gets His First Shot at Redemption


This might actually be an exciting game. Well as exciting as preseason gets anyway.
It reminds me of that situation when an old girlfriend shows up at a party and you have your new one with you. Sure you pretend like it’s no big deal, say the right things, and carry on about your business as usual.
The truth is, however, you want her to see what she missed out on. You try a little harder knowing that she’s watching and listening to your every word. Sometimes she might think, “Now I remember why I left him.” Other times she might wonder, “I don’t remember him being so funny and polite.”
Tonight is Tarvaris Jackson’s turn to do one of the two. The stage is set and everyone seems to be on their best behavior. That is neither team has really said much considering that the Seahawks hijacked Tarvaris Jackson, Darrell Bevell, and Sydney Rice from the Vikings.
I can’t help but think that, especially for Jackson, this is a big game. Rice and Bevell have each had their moments with the Vikings, however, Jackson always seemed to be outside the bubble. Every year he seemed to become more forgotten about in Minnesota. As much as he probably learned from Bret Favre, I am sure he is just as sick of hearing about him as we were. Scratch that. It’s actually got to be way worse for Jackson.
So now is Jackson’s time to show the entire state of Minnesota as well as Washington what he has learned over the last three seasons while riding the pine and operating under the umbrella of a legend. Did anything rub off on him? It didn’t look like it last week, but Jackson had a limited number of days in practice plus he was lacking his big name talent at wide receiver.
Good luck tonight Tarvaris. Situations like this usually go one of two directions. Really bad or really good. Hopefully the old girlfriend leaves a heart full of regret. You remember that feeling fans. It’s like the one Hutchinson left us with when he abandoned us for the team we’re playing tonight.