Seahawk Breakdown: O-line Will Be A Work In Progress This Season



Is Aaron Curry really that dumb?  Just because you still play like a rookie doesn’t mean you have to act like one.  This guy was supposed to be the “safest” pick in the draft, but here we are three years later, and Curry still looks bad, especially when he’s throwing helmets across the field.  I keep trying to find second and third chances for this guy, but I think I just ran out on Saturday.


Welcome back Leroy Hill.  He looked like his old self for the first time in two seasons.  Remember how tough and effective this guy was in 2005, his rookie season.  He single handedly shut down Carolina’s premiere receiver, Steve Smith, in the NCF Championship game and was just as much a part of that season as any other superstar on the team.  Hill was doing the same thing this game except that now it was Adrian Peterson.  I love watching Hill play football when he loves the game.  He is a run stopping machine who plays with a violent streak.  He runs at warp 9 and finds great angles of pursuit.  When he is committed to football, he is a Pro-Bowl type player.  Unfortunately when he’s not committed to football, he’s an injury with narcolepsy and a big salary.  Watch out for Hill this season.  I think he’s on the comeback trail.  He’ll be 28 next month, and only played in a single game last year, so there’s plenty left in the tank.  I really want to believe in the motive of Hill as well.  Leroy Hill’s motive, experience,and health have never been better going into this season, and I hope to see him become as leader on this defense as the season progresses.  *The Heater is still my favorite though.


I remember how excited I was with Golden Tate.  He was supposed to have amazing hands capable of grabbing anything in his area.  Then last season we learned he couldn’t run his routes, and Saturday we learned that his hands are anything but soft.  I’m beginning to think Golden Tate has hands harder than the Pie Factory on Donkey Kong. It was bad enough that Jackson had to run for his life, but Tate only made matters worse when he batted a ball into the air only to see it returned for a defensive touchdown.  Great Job!  In hockey you would get an assist.  In football you are two games from watching yet another ineffective season go by.  The only thing Golden Tate has done since he got to Seattle was help Top Pot sell more doughnuts.  Maybe they should be paying him instead of the Seahawks.


Fans have yet to see Tarvaris Jackson be a true quarterback.  He’s a great running back though.  Unfortunately for Seattle, this offensive line is what it is this season: young and lacking experience.  This left Jackson scrambling for his life for most of this game.  The rookie, right side of the line struggled to protect the passer on nearly every play.  The left side looked just as confused at times.  On one play in particular, Jared Allen snuck by Tyler Polymbus untouched and looked to crush Jackon from his blind side.  Luckily for Jackson, he showed a sixth sense, stepped up, and escaped the play.  It was quite impressive considering that Allen is one of the best in the game.  Equally impressive was when the same thing happened to Donovan McNabb, he got sacked.  Jackson never really had the pocket to demonstrate his recognition of the offense.  Is it a ridiculous idea to have him playa game with the backups, just to see him actually run the offense instead of run from the offense? 


Did fans at the game really start chanting Charlie’s name again?  Look you guys, I like Charlie too.  He’s looked good against San Diego and Minnesota, but it’s preseason and he’s playing against backups.  He’s also got an eternity of time compared to Jackson.  If you want to chant a player’s name, why not someone who’s earned it over the course of a season instead of a series of plays.  “HEA-TER!,  HEA-TER!, HEA-TER!.”


It looks to be a long season.  This offensive line has a lot of work to do, however, they have the pieces in place.  It’s just going to take some time: two maybe three seasons before they start to look like a playoff caliber offensive line.  I don’t ever remember them being this young.  That being said, Pete Carroll and John Schneider are building more than a team that can win a Super Bowl.  They are trying to build a Dynasty from the ground up capable of winning multiple Super Bowls.  This recipe calls for many different types of ingredients, and unfortunately for fans, the most important ingredient right now is patience.