Predicting an upset: Week 4- Seahawks 27, Falcons 23

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The Falcons are a really good team. They’re one of the better teams in the league. They’re primed for a Super Bowl Run.  They’ll lose to our Seahawks on October 2nd.

A lot can happen in the three weeks leading up to this game- injuries, morale, (more) roster turnover. Though I plan to start a series about the Hawks’ chances every week, I want to be on record with this one before the season starts.

The current Falcons are a team the Seahawks are trying to become. They’re a run first squad with a quarterback who limits turnovers, manages the game, and utilizes his deep threats to stretch the field and keep defenses honest. They boast an opportunistic defense that creates timely sacks and picks, due to an un-elite but consistent (and persistent) pass rush. Their run D feeds off the fear of sacks and turnovers. They get a lead quickly and dominate time of possession with the run game. Trust it, Pete Carroll is JEALOUS.

The flaw in that game plan, however, relies on getting and keeping an early lead. The Falcons have the personnel to score on command, from any part of the field. The key is to not let that happen. Read on, fellow twelves.