Good, Bad, Spectacular, and Ugly


As a huge underdog, on the road, in the Eastern Time zone, it’s been called a “signature win” and I’m inclined to agree. It could have been even bigger; a blowout, if I may be so bold. Here are my opinions:


Offense: The Hawks offense was impressive. Doug Baldwin stepped up and made a couple huge catches. Lynch ran with passion, and in my opinion should have been fed more carries. The line looked pretty good in run blocking, especially James Carpenter, but started to tire against the Giants pass rush as the game went on. The hurry up offense was effective, yet again, and I’ve been glad to see it utilized. They may be relying on it a bit too much though, as Keith pointed out, but Carroll and Bevell are content to roll with it until it breaks. I’m okay with that, if the offense keeps up the play they’ve had the last 6 quarters.

Defense: The defense, yet again, looked stout. They kept Bradshaw in check and benefited from 5 turnovers. I’ve listed the defense under “good” because the corners still scare the hell out of me. I thought Nicks would have a monster game; he didn’t, but Cruz did. Thurmond played pretty well, and I don’t think Trufant would have made the D any better or worse had he played. Browner knows he needs to stop being so aggressive, but he’s said the same thing for three weeks now. The D line had a good game pressuring Eli, forcing a couple fumbles, and breaking up some running plays. I was impressed with the line, overall.


Browner/ Penalties: Pop Quiz. What number is Brandon Browner? That’s right, 39. Know how you know that? It’s because multiple times, every single game, you hear that number called for holding and pass interference. I like Browner, I really do, but he has to stop being so aggressive. Penalties in general were, again, problematic for the Seahawks. Occasionally, the offense would hit a big play and immediately halt momentum and take a step back with a penalty. It’s something Carroll has to tighten up over the bye.

Injuries: It was a hot day, and a hard fought game. Unfortunately, the Seahawks leave New York with a few key injuries. I’ve heard Jackson’s injury is pectoral related, and nothing on that. I hope it’s not serious because he is CLEARLY the best quarterback on the roster and has made huge strides in every game. Zach Miller was out after the helmet-helmet hit early. He could have been a big part of the offense, as his replacement, Anthony McCoy, dropped a couple passes. Moffitt and Hill both left with injuries, and it looked like Okung may have re-aggravated his ankle again. Thankfully, they have two weeks to heal, and until further news is released, they don’t seem too serious.


Int TD: What an excellent way to finish the game. I felt like Eli was due for a multi-pick game, and thanks to a poor throw to Victor Cruz, sealed a Hawks win with a pick-6. It was our retaliation for Cruz’ ridiculous TD catch.

Offense’s Fast Start: I can’t describe my relief when the Hawks ran the ball down the field for a TD on their first drive. Having never been close to even a field goal in the first quarter, scoring 14 points was rediculous. It was exactly what the team needed to start the game.

Safety: I don’t know which O lineman botched his assignment, but Anthony Hargrove’s safety was awesome. Talk about a momentum killer- he came in untouched and blew up Danny Ware in his own end zone. After a field goal following the punt, it turned into a 5-point play. I love it.


Turnovers: The two fumbles inside the red zone were forgivable because of the win. Had we lost this game, it would be a different story. The score could have- should have- been 28-14 going into the half, but I’m not about the ‘shoulda wouldas’. You CAN NOT fumble, especially in the red zone, especially as a team on the road, and especially on an offense that needs an injection of confidence.