5 keys revisited:


Without going all stat happy, here’s a quick look back at the 5 things I thought the hawks needed to accomplish to come out of the “Show Me State” with a W.

1: Win time of possession:

The Hawks won time of possession 35:00-25:00.
Simply put, I thought this was the most important stat going into this game. The Hawks were able to do this with suffocating Defense, and a punishing run game. Toward the end of the third quarter, it looked as if the Lambs had simply had enough.

2: Take advantage of injuries to Rams’ secondary.

14-24, 148 yds, 2 int, and 1 td is not going to get it done against better teams.
Obviously Tjack didn’t have a great game, and thanks to the run game and great Defense, he didn’t need to. I predicted a 300 yard day for him, and I was wrong. He has clearly regressed since his injury, whether or not it’s because of it, I’ll leave to speculation. He did make some good throws. The throw that BMW dropped in the back of the end zone was one of his best throws as a Seahawk.

3:Pressure Sam Bradford:

The Seahawks came into the game with 14 sacks on the season and got 5 in this game to compliment two forced fumbles by Chris Clemons. Although an impressive showing, I expected this kind of result with the injuries along the Rams offensive line. Sam Bradford consistently had a defender in his face while trying to throw to well covered, and outside of Brandon Lloyd, average receivers. If only they could get that pressure every week!

4: Win the coaching battle:

I think this one came through with flying colors. With seconds left at the end of the half at the Rams 1 yard line, Pete opted for the field goal. He punted in Rams territory on a 4th and 1. I expressed that I thought that our young talent and sound football could win this game without the heroics, and I was right. Now I’m not saying that those are always the right decisions, but in that situation, against that team, they were. If we were on the road in Green Bay, points might be worth the risk. So HOORAH to Pete for keeping his emotions in check.

5: Stay healthy

I haven’t heard of any significant injuries besides Sidney Rice having cramps. This young team is really coming together, especially on defense. This game had the general feeling that the Hawks were moving faster and hitting harder the entire game. Coming out of a game like this with no injuries is huge. I know we shouldn’t be talking about playoffs, but if we stay healthy, and play defense like we have been……….. The sky’s the limit. GO HAWKS.

Side note; Think Qbs are starting to get the hint with Kam Chancellor?