Playing the Odds


[Ed note: I wrote this last week but didn’t have posting rights yet. I decided to go ahead and post it because it ties in nicely with Keith’s article below]

As we move into the second half of the Seahawk season, the team continues to show heart and talent.

I continue to feel optimism.

Someone asked me last week what kind of season outcome would make me happy. Their position was that if you’re not playing for the Superbowl, you’re just not playing.

The next day, I listened to a member of the local sports media saying we were now playing irrelevant ball since we were numerically “out of contention.”

As an eternal optimist, I disagree with both of those assertions. I think the only time you’re playing irrelevant ball is if you don’t care about the outcome.  This season, like last season, it’s obvious the Seahawks care very much about the outcome of every game. Whether it’s Pete’s pressers, or the players own tweets, you can feel the frustration of a loss or the elation of a win. Further, although I’d love to be a high seed in playoff contention, I think you can play for other reasons than the Superbowl… for instance playing for development, creating camaraderie such as a line learning to play together.

That said, I admit I have big dreams. I start each preseason sitting on the berm at VMAC dreaming of Superbowl retribution glory. I adjust that dream throughout the season, tempering it with reality, but always clinging to the hope of post season play.

I get that at this point it would take a miracle. Miracles happen.

While I’m waiting for the miracle, I’m going to continue watching the Seahawks play relevant ball… building toward next season, growing new leaders, grinding out wins. And I’m not going to assign a number of wins to that “are we better” equation. Just like Mora’s 2009 team winning 5 games was no better than Holmgren’s 2008 4 win season, I’ve got my own non-numerical gut check for how the Seahawks are doing.

This season, in spite of their record, I’m happy with their progress.

I’m happy with their heart.