The Quarterback Scenario


The more I watch TJack play, the easier it is to reach two conclusions:

  1. He’s more hurt that anyone wants to admit and he’s not getting any better
  2. Clipboard Charlie is so risky that we’re not willing to put him in, even knowing TJack’s lack of function.

How did we get to this point?

Let’s see…We picked up Charlie on speculation two years ago, because he looked good on paper. As a paper QB, we likely gave San Diego far too much for him (a conclusion we’ve reached two years later), but with Seneca moving to the Browns to play for the The Big Show, we needed a solid number two.

Then we lost Matt during contract negotiation, who, rumor has it, may not have wanted to stay given the state of our offensive line at the beginning of the season.

Then we picked up TJack as a semi seasoned QB who at least ‘knew the system.’

Preseason led me to believe that Portis was unseasoned but functional, Charlie was no better than last year and Tavaris didn’t know the system as well as advertised.

I really have to give TJack props for improving his game during the year, certainly before the injury/

As we near the end of this season, I have to admit I’d be okay with letting Charlie go. Although he’s taken plenty of snaps this season, he shows no sign of growth and unfortunately, I don’t think he’s ever going to be any better than he is now. With Tavaris’s play getting worse, I’d be toying with the idea of seeing where Portis is. Although he’s been listed as inactive for each game, I haven’t heard that he’s injured and I feel certain he can perform at least as well as Charlie.

In the meantime, I’m sure John Schneider is scanning the draft for a suitable franchise quarterback.

My wishlist?

  • Smart
  • Mobile
  • Acurate

Not necessarily in that order!

Who do you think the Hawks should pursue?

PS – Thanks TJack for giving it your best every week!