Game Day Prediction


Week 16– Reasons for Optimism

As the Seahawks prepare to play the 49ers in week 16, there are some very good reasons to be optimistic for a Seattle win.

Allow me…

  1. Scoring Patterns – Over the course of the season, the Seahawks have established themselves as slow starters. However, in recent games, as the offensive line has established solidity, even their slow starts have improved with more consistent scoring in the first half.
  2. Adjustments – Whatever Pete Carroll says to his team at the half should be bottled and sold on Ebay. Pete has proven to me that his coaching staff’s ability to make half time adjustments both offensively and defensively is fast becoming the stuff of legends!
  3. Opportunistic – I can’t think of another team that has capitalized on opportunities, especially defensively. It’s like our entire defense has homing devices in their helmets… always knowing where the ball is.
  4. Style – No one high steps into the end zone like Big Red!
  5.  Motivation – No win = No playoffs

I’m sure, like last week, mainstream media will say we have no hope against the 49ers. If so, I say they’re wrong. I say the Seahawks have motive, opportunity and the weapons needed to commit the crime of proving mainstream media WRONG!