Team Transitions


Bizarre Football Fan Admission Number One – I stink at following college football.

One of the reasons I stink at following college football is that I can’t keep up with personnel changes. Although I receive daily auditory updates from The Husband regarding blue chip players, recruiting, red shirting, position changes, graduations, etc., it’s all gibberish to me until the player is signed by the Seahawks and lands in training camp. Then I take it seriously.

 Bizarre Football Fan Admission Number Two – Separating sentiment from logic is a process.

There are football players that I end up really appreciating. They play hard, inspire other players, take on leadership, work through injury, etc. There’s a lot to like there. But at some point, logic begins to outweigh sentiment and you realize that person isn’t the strongest contributor at that position. Not anymore.

Bizarre Football Fan Admission Number Three – I think I have separation anxiety already.

I know our roster will have some different faces next season (and if next season could hurry up and get here, that would be great. I’m dying here.). I’m looking forward to the new additions and strengthening some current weaknesses.

But I’m really sad about a couple folks I think won’t be here next season.

Tru is one of them.

The player with the greatest longevity on the team…

The corner with roots in the Pacific Northwest…

The guy that has played through injury, inspired his teammates, contributed to the community….

I don’t think he’ll make the roster next year, even if his back goes along with the program.


So Thanks Tru. What a contributor!