Matt’s 2012 Mock Draft


Watching the Combine this weekend was enjoyable. Many players proved that they could compete and some proved that maybe it just was all hype. The draft is still a few months away, but why not make some early predictions?

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1. Andrew Luck QB   Stanford

Andrew Luck is the most NFL-ready QB in this draft. Look for the Colts to either start him right away or have him learn a little from Peyton first.

2. Justin Blackmon WR   Oklahoma St.

I don’t believe the Rams will pick RGIII like most believe. Sam Bradford is the future for St. Louis, and Blackmon will help as a key receiver.

3. Matt Kalil OT   USC

Protecting quarterback Christian Ponder is a top priority, and Kalil can do just that. RGIII is still a a possibility, although I can’t really see the Vikings using this pick on him.

4. Robert Griffin III QB   Baylor

Yes, Colt McCoy can improve. But having the option to pick RGIII here is just too hard to resist for the Browns. They might possibly move up and pick him at number 2.

5. Morris Claiborne CB   LSU

Tough choice here between Clairborne and Richardson – both would be a tremendous help. A stronger defense is needed just a little bit more.

6. Ryan Tennehill QB   Texas A&M

The ‘Skins are desperate for a quarterback. No, not you Rex Grossman. Ryan Tennehill is the best pick still available.

7. Quinton Coples DE   North Carolina

Pass rush is what this team needs. Coples really proved himself at the Senior Bowl after a somewhat mediocre senior year.

8. Melvin Ingram DE   South Carolina

Out of the very few talented pash rushers in this draft, Ingram can play well. This player is what the Dolphins need to have an explosive defensive line.

9. Riley Reiff OT   Iowa

I’d pick anyone that plays a defensive position. More specifically, either a cornerback or someone who can help build a strong defense line.

10. Michael Brockers DT   LSU

Although not a defensive end, with his athleticism he can sure play like one. He’ll be a big help to a team that finished 28th overall in defense last year.

11. Trent Richardson RB   Alabama

If he’s still available at this point, I don’t see the Chiefs passing up on this offer. Richardson might be the only RB going in the first round except for possibly David Wilson of Virginia Tech.

12. Deven Still DT   Penn State

This guy is big. And it’s hard to run past the bug guys. And he can get to the quarterback, something the ‘Hawks are definitely interested in. Quick Note: He has had two season-ending injuries before. A torn ACL in 2007 and a broken ankle the following year

13. Luke Kuechly ILB   Boston College

I can see them also picking Mike Adams at number 13 if he’s still available. Hopefully Kuechly can prove himself worthy and help a team struggling to stop the run.

14. Dre Kirpatrick

Off-field troubles have shadowed this talented corner from Alabama. I see the Cowboys looking past that and see a football player who shows excellent coverage and has enough speed to keep up with the fastest recievers in the league.

15. Mike Adams OT   Ohio State

The Eagles have a serious lack of depth in this department. Adams can start right away if he works hard in the offseason. Andy Reid has stated that he wants Vick to stay in the pocket more, so a strong line up front is a top priority.

16. Courtney Upshaw OLB   Alabama

The Jets finished last season with a surprisingly talented defense. A young pass rusher would be the icing on the cake.

17. Janoris Jenkins CB   North Alabama

This young man’s excellent covering skills will fit opposite Leon Hall nicely, IF he can stay out of trouble. Did anyone see this guy play at the Senior Bowl? Wow.

18. Jonathan Martin OT   Stanford

Look for the Chargers to spend this pick on the O-line or the pass rush. If Vincent Jackson does not return, this pick may be used on a dangerous WR.

19. Michael Floyd WR   Notre Dame

Jay Cutler needs weapons – not only playmakers but also consistent ones to help restore the Bears long lost offense.

20. Cordy Glenn T   Georgia

Of course it wasn’t Chris Johnson’s fault that he was barely productive last year. He makes a lot of money, after all. The Titans use this pick to get someone strong up front to pave the way for CJ.

21. David Wilson RB   Virginia Tech

Cedric Benson is out, David Wilson is in. Great speed and explosiveness combined with good hands makes him terribly dangerous.

22. Alshon Jeffery WR   South Carolina

If the Browns pick RGIII as I predicted, he’ll need someone to throw to. Alshon Jeffery has proved he can be that guy – he just needs to stay consistent and lose some weight.

23. Whitney Mercilus DE   Illinois

He was in my mind the most productive sack artist last year. Exactly what the Lions need for their mission to finally be competing with the Packers for the NFC North.

24. Zach Brown OLB   North Carolina

I wouldn’t be surprised if he is picked already. The Steelers pick him here to start adding young faces to the best defense in the league.

25. Jerel Worthy DT   Michigan St.

A good compliment to the other pass rushers Dumervil and Von Miller. I’d be scared if I was you.

26. Dontari Poe DT   Memphis

The Texans defense was superb last year. That leaves this pick open for some more offensive weapons, especially if Arian Foster doesn’t return (although he most likely will). I can see them using their choice on Dontari Poe, who will add aggresiveness to the middle of the defense line – making the defense even more dangerous.

27. Kendall Wright WR   Baylor

Bill Belichick should be jumping with joy if Kendall Wright is still available at this point, but after his mediocre performance at the combine the Pats just might choose someone else.

28. Fletcher Cox DT   Mississippi St.

The Packer’s had the worst defense in the league as they gave opposing QBs way too much time in the pocket. Cox is picked here, and maybe, just maybe, change could be on its way.

29. David DeCastro G   Stanford

Many predict he will be picked higher, but I think this is exactly where he belongs. The Ravens need more strength on the O-line. I hear he can also play center.

30. Mohamed Sanu WR   Rutgers

Taking away the attention from Vernon Davis is the key with this pick. Alex Smith needs to get Sanu the ball often to bring out the star player that I see inside him.

31. Andre Branch DE   Clemson

The Pats also had a disapointing defense in 2011. If they don’t trade this pick for a future one in 2013 or 2014, they spend it on a reliable defensive end who can get the sacks and stop the outside run.

32. Dont’a Hightower ILB   Alabama

Another Alabama star. Look for him to add depth to a shallow New York defense that needs help stopping the run.