Seahawks Agree to Terms


Photo Credit- Sun

Why Matt Flynn is a better option for the Seahawks than Peyton Manning…

I know there was a lot of buzz about getting Peyton Manning for the Seahawks, and I heard from some fans who thought he was practically like instant coffee… Just add water and poof! Instant super bowl victory!

I’ve maintained from the end of the season that I didn’t think Peyton was a good option. For one thing, he’d missed the entire season recovering from neck surgery. And that wasn’t his first neck surgery. His health has been in question throughout the league, and throughout the off season. But the biggest factor is his age. At 36, even your average player takes a while to heal from a hit. A certain Matt H. comes to mind. But after years of being sacked, and having a pre-existing injury, my biggest fear with Peyton is that we might see him take a hit and go down for good.

I get that Peyton enjoys not only playing but calling the offensive shots, and I get that he’s got a great understanding of the game. But I think it’s difficult for him to process the possibility of not playing or not playing well. He’s a habitual winner. And we’ve all seen great quarterbacks that have a hard time retiring.

Peyton’s release from the Colts was not only a huge class act, but in my view, the writing on the wall. A healthy Peyton would have been a valuable asset to keep, even for a year to mentor Andrew Luck, who the Colts will most certainly pick in the first round of the draft. Either Peyton didn’t want to enter salary negotiation  and be a playing mentor, or the Colts didn’t believe he was healthy enough. I think it’s the latter.

On the other hand, Matt Flynn is only 26. Not only was he recruited by John Schneider while he was working at Green Bay, he’s been playing behind Aaron Rogers and reaping the benefits of a good quarterback environment. The Packers have a knack for not only developing good quarterbacks, but making knowledgeable picks in advance based on who’s a fit with their system. I like the Schneider connection. I like even more that Matt Flynn’s 2011 season finale’ performance of passing for 6 TD’s and 480 yards showed what he was capable of accomplishing.

The acquisition of Matt Flynn is yet another signal that the Seahawk front office is focused on building a contender. The easy move would be to bring in an older proven quarterback who is used to calling his own plays and driving the offense. In two to three years we’d be in exactly the same position we are now. The right move is bringing in a talented young quarterback who is going to grow and develop with our young offensive line and allow us to incorporate the strength of our system with his skills.

Way to go Pete and John! Another step in the right direction!

PS – I will always love Peyton on Saturday Night Live! Funniest Quarterback Ever!