Arizona Cardinals 27 @ Tennessee Titans 32 Arizona ente..."/> Arizona Cardinals 27 @ Tennessee Titans 32 Arizona ente..."/>

Preseason NFC West Recap: Cardinals @ Titans


Arizona Cardinals 27 @ Tennessee Titans 32

Arizona entered this game with a huge question mark at quarterback and on offensive line struggling to impose itself on opposing defenses.  John Skelton started the game out with a sack for a loss and promptly followed it up with an interception.  Skelton made some decent throws across the middle but he had trouble overall.  Kolb started the second half with a pick-six due to a “rookie” mistake – throwing late over the middle, across the body.  He honestly should know better.  Arizona’s issues at offensive tackle can’t be understated, either.  It is going to make the whole offense that much harder to run.  Fitzgerald, of course, looked like the ridiculous stud that he is.  I can’t think of a team that wouldn’t love to see him in their uniforms.  If there isn’t significant improvement on the offensive line and at quarterback, it’s going to be a long season for Fitzgerald and the Cardinals organization.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt has a tough decision ahead of him since neither quarterback played well enough, or even consistently enough, to have the job outright.

The loss of Levi Brown poses another large question for Arizona.  He injured his triceps in last week’s game against the Raiders and required surgery. Does Arizona put him on the IR in which case he is out for the whole season? Or do they take up a roster spot with a player than won’t be able to play until the second half of the season?

All in all, Arizona’s defense is definitely the better of the two units but it still didn’t look stellar tonight.  It’s a defense that can really rough up receivers and play strong on the line, but it also faces a consistency issue.  I don’t think Arizona is going to get walked over by teams, but I think they are going to have a rough season until some of these injury and consistency issues iron themselves out.