Reviewing the Seahawks Home Field- The Clink When fans trav..."/> Reviewing the Seahawks Home Field- The Clink When fans trav..."/> Reviewing the Seahawks Home Field- The Clink When fans trav..."/>

Stadium Journey Magazine Reviews Seahawks CenturyLink Field


Reviewing the Seahawks Home Field- The Clink

When fans travel to see their teams play at other stadiums, they often wonder what to expect. Are the opposing fans hospitable? What’s the best way to get there? How’s the food? Stadium Journey magazine answers theses questions and more. They recently reviewed Century Link Field for their magazine and here’s a synopsis of that review.

FanFare Score – 4.3 out of 5 stars                  

Food and Beverage – 4 stars

Food and beverage got a reasonable good score, based on variety of food from Rocha Thai & Asian Kitchen’s pad thai to Ivar’s clam chowder to Kidd Valley garlic fries to Top Pot donuts . Also noted was the availability of craft beers throughout the stadium, complimenting the usual selection of the brand name beers and soft drinks. While the high prices were noted, they were comparable to stadiums around the country.

Atmosphere – 5 stars

The award of the full 5 stars for atmosphere is mostly due to the 12th Man! Pre game festivities such as touchdown city were highly rated for building the anticipation of the fans. Also noted was the raising of the 12th Man flag which always raises the excitement level!  Additionally, the reviewer enjoyed the views of Puget Sound from the 300 level, the flying of Taima the Hawk, and the skills of the Blue Thunder Drum line. Fortunately, our hit and miss half time shows didn’t earn us any deductions from our 5 star rating!

Neighborhood – 4 stars

The review noted the stadium proximity to the International District for great food and Pioneer Square for great night life. They also mentioned pre-game watering holes such as FX McCrory’s, The Hawks Nest, King Street Grill, Jimmies on First and Pyramid Brewery.

The Fans – 5 stars

While this was partially covered under Atmosphere, the reviewer noted additional attributes of fans that were appealing. First, Seahawk fans are accommodating to fans wearing the “wrong color” on game day. (With the proviso that they are respectful in their support of their visiting team) Second is the amount of noise Hawk fans generate and the running tally of the false start tally at the Clink. Finally, the charm of the Seahawks having retired the number 12 so that fans would wear the 12th Fan jersey.

Access – 3 stars

The reviewer felt that access to the stadium was sub par compared to other stadiums in that it offered insufficient parking for those choosing to drive and that some parking in the International District were a 15 minute walk. The reviewer offered advice that arriving early via mass transit was likely the best option and mentioned park and ride buses, Sounder train and light rail.

Return on Investment – 4 stars

While ROI is difficult to measure, the reviewer noted that face value of Seahawks tickets were approximately 15% less than other teams in the NFL. The reviewer suggests that low demand due to poor performance has the secondary ticket market offering seats at or below face value. Overall, the cost of a game for a family of four can easily average $400 for game tickets, parking, food, beverages including adult beverages and souvenirs.

Extras – 5 stars

Other football activities the reviewer found appealing in Seattle included tailgating west of the stadium or in the north parking lot. Non-football activities covered much of the tourism aspects of Seattle including the Space Needle, winery tours on the east side, day trips to Mount Rainier and the joys of Pike Place Market

With an overall score of 4.3 out of 5, it’s clear that The CLink has a lot to offer!

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