Questioning the Seahawks Script


Your intrepid reporter was bouncing back and forth between her virtual tech world and the game on Sunday. As a result, she now feels unqualified to write a comprehensive piece covering the scope of the Seahawks/Rams game. However, she has managed to pull her head out of her servers long enough to form a few opinions. And ask a few questions….

1. Pointless in Seattle, AKA- We’re not scoring a lot of points – Your reporter is not sure if this is a QB issue, a stubborn head coach issue or an offensive coordinator with a hitch in his giddy-up issue. Press “D” for all of the above.

2. D Plane! D Plane! – As high flyin’ as our D is, they can still be rattled. (self explanatory)

3. What’s my line? – That Pete is one cagey dude. Is Flynn’s elbow hurt? Is it sore? Is it swollen? Is it too sore to start but not too sore to practice? Does he even have an elbow? Is it bionic? This reporter believes there’s a story here.

4. Our Man Flynn – If Flynn can’t come in, what’s the plan? Are we really playing with only one QB? Does Portis sleep with his head on the playbook in case he’s suddenly promoted? Do we have TJack on speed dial? These are the questions that keep your reporter up at night.

5. Now isn’t that special? – When did our special teams become less special? At the end of game three, your reporter was sure our special teams had found themselves. After week 4, she’s sending them a map.

6. Our arch nemesis, (insert look of dread) The Third Down – Someone throw a young lady into the volcano! The curse of The Third Down must be defeated.

7. The consistency! It’s all wrong! – Yet again, our team faces it’s greatest challenge – consistency. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows are enough to cause even the hardiest of fans (your reporter included) to question what the heck kind of script we following here…

When she looks at her copy of the script, it still has the initials RW in the corner.