Gut Reaction: Seattle @ Carolina


Oct 7, 2012; Charlotte, NC, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin (51) reacts during the first half at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE

My gut reaction is a little late this week since I’ve been recovering from some injuries sustained over the weekend.  I unfortunately did not get to watch the game live (which somehow throws of my whole week) but thankfully DVRed the Sunday Ticket ShortCuts which is really a great way to re-watch a game.  Thank you, DirecTV.  Anyway, my reaction is therefore not as fully passionate as it is when I live and die with every momentum shift of the game.

From what I did watch our defense is simply ridiculous.  When you watch play after play of Carolina’s offense end-to-end without pauses, it is basically sack, run stuff, incomplete pass due to coverage and QB pressure, punt.  It’s lock down in every way.  So far this season, Seattle’s defense has been the main reason the games have been close. They’ve only given up two touchdowns in five games.  I figure that is going to change a little bit with the next game against the Patriots, but I figure Tom Brady will be hearing Bruce Irvin’s and Chris Clemons’ footsteps on several plays.  It will be a true test and one I think the defense can perform on.  I’d love to see the Legion of Boom get some pick-sixes on Brady to help out our somewhat pathetic offense.

Russell Wilson did look better this week.  It would be hard to look much worse than last week, but he had more yards, more attempts, and even a touchdown.  I loved seeing Zach Miller getting involved as he has been vastly underused.  Sidney Rice also looked good.  Seattle must do better in the red zone.  The lack of touchdowns is absolutely infuriating and there is really no excuse. Seattle needs to make something, anything, happen. I don’t know what changes need to be made to get this done, but the Seahawks need to figure it out, quick.  Last in the league in red zone touchdowns is not a recipe for success. I am also very worried about how Wilson will do against Bill Belichick’s defense. New England is very good at disguising its formations and Wilson will need to stay poised and not panic when the Patriots bring pressure. This will be critical if Seattle has any chance of winning the game.

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love watching Marshawn Lynch run the ball? It’s cathartic, gratifying, and the only consistent part of our offense at this point.  I just don’t think enough can be said about what Lynch brings to the team and kudos to management for orchestrating the trade that brought him to Seattle.  Without him, this team would be without an identity (on offense), and possibly without a win.

Breno Giacomini needs to get his $h!t together. The personal foul calls are completely out of hand and crippling an already fragile offense. I’m ready to endorse beating him with a sock full of quarters for every yard he costs Seattle. He is clearly the most undisciplined member of the team and, while I admire his competitiveness and hard-ass mentality, if it hurts the team the cost is too great. And it is a certainty that Giacomini has hurt the Seahawks on several occasions this season. I think it is safe to expect some freebie flags given to Brady and the Patriots this weekend so Seattle cannot afford to give up any more.

This was also a must-win game on the road for Seattle against a team that they should have beat much more soundly.  I’d like to see a beat-down like the one issued to the Dallas Cowboys against either the Patriots or the Niners over the next couple weeks.

I should be back to my regularly scheduled rant next week as I plan to be in front of my television in my Seahawks camping chair with my Lynch jersey on for this week’s game against the Patriots. I can’t imagine how loud the Clink is going to get which means its important Seattle stays in the game. They’ll need the noise.