Gut Reaction: Seattle @ Miami


NOV 25, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas (33) runs past Seattle Seahawks cornerback Marcus Trufant (23) in the fourth quarter at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins defeated the Seahawks 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-US PRESSWIRE

I was forced to watch yesterday’s embarrassment from my bed due to illness and was therefore unable to do such basic things from jumping around and screaming profanities when Leon Washington finally busted open a touchdown kickoff return to jumping around and screaming profanities when the Seahawks gave up two fourth quarter leads. Even the door I normally punch out of vicarious civic humiliation with losses like this was spared. Seattle had no business losing that game. I’m sick of the “having to travel further than any other team” argument. They had two weeks to travel those 3,000 miles but decided to do so the day before the game. They could have met up in some in between location as San Francisco did in Youngstown the last two years. The team could get a shrink to figure out what mental blocks they all have in being able to find a solution to this problem that they’ve had in the past and will have in the future, literally like clockwork.

Seattle failed to establish any meaningful ground game and decided to continue pounding the ball up the middle instead of exploring other options like going around the edge. The one time this happened, Marshawn Lynch ran for a solid chunk of yards (granted a Zach Miller hold helped, but the officiating comes later). Miami had the 9th best run defense in the NFL going into yesterday’s game which to me would indicate that the Seahawks might want to get creative. Then again, Darrell Bevell is the OC and he’s about as creative as a box of white crayon stubs.

Russell Wilson had a good game, at one point throwing for 16 consecutive passes, which to me is a meaningless fact. I’d prefer throwing for 16 consecutive wins. He did make two completely horrible decisions on the very last possession of the game, though, which in my opinion cost Seattle at least an overtime chance for victory.

This sequence takes place right beyond the edge of Steven Hauschka’s field goal range. Seattle needed six yards.

  • First and ten at Miami’s 40: hand off to Robert Turbin to try to still unimaginative running it up the middle. Only thing different is that it’s Turbin instead of Lynch. Admittedly, this is not Wilson’s fault. This is Bevell’s.
  • Second and 11: Wilson gets the snap in the shotgun, scrambles, and then throws the ball the Lynch who is six yards behind the line of scrimmage and surrounded by Dolphin players that take him down as soon as he gets the ball. Why Wilson didn’t throw the ball at Lynch’s feet, out of bounds or somewhere else is beyond me.
  • Third and 17: Wilson sacked for a two yard loss. Blame who you will.
  • Punt.

I heard the argument that Seattle was trying to keep the clock running, but that is the wrong order of priorities at this point. Here are how they should have been:

  1. Get positive yards. This keeps the offense moving forward, which will allow for priority two. Theoretically, if Seattle gained only six yards, they’d have a field goal. All else the same, that means overtime.
  2. Get first downs. This allows you to keep the ball and move closer to the end zone.
  3. Get points! A touchdown most likely wins it. A field goals allows for overtime.
  4. Keep the clock running. This is only meaningful if you actually SCORE SOME @&*$ING POINTS!

The Seattle offensive scheme either failed out of hubris and or is so arrogant, stubborn and unwilling to adapt that it is a complete liability at this point. I see that talent in the players but lack of any sophisticated or critical thinking in the play calling.  Bevell has got to go. Period. I’m still not willing to throw Tom Cable under the bus yet. And since he doesn’t call the plays, we shouldn’t start with him.

Everything above was mostly about the offense. The only thing I can say about the defense is that is what a joke. There were too many blown coverages in the secondary and too many successful run plays. Leroy Hill should have his paycheck withheld. He can’t make a tackle to save his life and should be forced to sit at the end of the bench by himself. He got absolutely stood up by Daniel Thomas on one play and blew reads repeatedly. Why can’t he be the one getting suspended?

Don’t interpret my lack of words spent on the defense to mean I don’t hold them accountable. I’m just too bummed about the impending suspension to go into it much more. There was also the fact that apparently a deal was struck before the game where Miami offensive lineman would be able to hold at will and not get called for it. The next step would be to give them knives and let them hamstring Seattle’s defensive line.

If these referees are professionals there are way too many blown calls taking place. Everyone thought it would be a panacea once the strike ended, but just ask Jim Schwarz what he thinks. Justin Forsett getting a freebie touchdown that was worse, in my opinion, than Golden Tate’s catch, because it was crystal clear he was down and the play wasn’t reviewed on some BS technicality. Where’s the outrage for that? Clock running has been a complete joke. This is a recurring event across the league every week. I also am tired of the porcelain doll rules that keep getting enacted to protect quarterbacks. Tom Brady and the NFL started a terrible trend with this one.

Penalties also seriously hurt the Seahawks. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I give Seattle a 15% chance of making the playoffs and a 5% chance of winning a game. These both go to 0% if Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner get suspended.

Final note: Tim Ryan and Chris Myers are absolute numb-nuts. Earl Thomas and Daniel Thomas is not the same player.