Seattle Seahawks Have 5 Players Named To Pro-Bowl


The official Pro-Bowl roster came out today, and they included 5 Seahawks; 3 on offense, 1 on defense, and 1 special teams player. Congratulations to those that were selected.

On offense Marshawn Lynch, Max Unger, and Russell Okung were all named to the team. Okung will start at LT, which is a much deserved honor. Okung has clearly beent he best LT in the NFL this season. Unger and Lynch will both play later in the game.

The only Seahawks defender selected was Earl Thomas. Thomas is deserving, but so are many other Seattle defenders. The fact that the league’s #1 defense in terms of points allowed only has one player headed to the game is a complete joke. At the very least, Kam Chancellor and Chris Clemons should be joining him. Richard Sherman has been the best CB in the NFL this season. His exclusion is a complete travesty.

Leon Washington makes the team as well. He will be the NFC’s kick and punt return specialist.

The Pro Bowl has been garbage for over a decade now. After last season’s unwatchable debacle, the league almost removed the game entirely. At this point, I pretty believe they should. Don’t agree? read on then:

  • The 10 win Seahawks and the 2 win Chiefs have the same number of players selected. ya, that makes sense.
  • the 49ers defense had 6 players selected. Seattle’s defense which is better in almost every statistical category, had just 1.
  • The Vikings, who’s RB is likely to break 2000 yards this season, have 0 offensive linemen selected.
  • Speaking of offensive linemen, Jeff Saturday, who’s played so poorly for most of the season that he is no longer a starter, was selected.
  • Eric Berry and LaRon Landry were selected at Safety for the AFC. Both have been completely awful this season.

There’s more, but that’s clearly enough for you to get the picture. The Pro Bowl is a joke.