2013 Mock Draft The Seattle Seahawks Select…


Happy New Years everyone. Lets get the New Year started with a look at another Mock Draft, like we do every Tuesday. This one comes from Josh Sanchez, and can be found HERE.

"24. Seattle Seahawks – Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, CaliforniaThe Seahawks need a number one receiving option and Keenan Allen is the best WR prospect in this class. Does an explanation get any easier than that?"

We’ve seen Allen mocked to the Seahawks before. We’ve seen a lot of WRs mocked tot he Seahawks in fact. Petterson twice, Williams form Baylor, and now Allen twice. I’d call that a trend.

Allen is a great WR prospect. The Seahawks need a WR, or 2, to be added to the position group this offseason. I’d love to see them draft a #1 that can come in and be a game changer. (Imagine how much better this offense would be with a guy like AJ Green opposite Rice!) But I just don’t see it happening.

This is a defense first team. I has been since Pete Carroll arrived, and I expect it will be as long as he’s here. I fully expect the Seahawks to draft an interior pass rusher. Someone like Sharrif Floyd from Florida.

This is a deep WR class, and getting someone like Robert Woods from USC will be there in round 2. The same can’t be said for DTs who can generate interior pressure.

Then again, guys like Allen are rare. I expect him to come off the board around pick #10. If he’s still there at the end of the first round when the Seahawks pick, he will be very tough to pass up.