The Seahawks and 49ers Tag Team Match


Dec 1, 2011; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner (39) celebrates with teammate Richard Sherman (25) after Browner intercepted a pass against the Philadelphia Eagles at CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks defeated the Eagles 31-14. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

If I’m being totally honest, I haven’t really paid attention to professional wrestling since I was in eighth grade. To put that into perspective, that was about the same time Steve Austin started giving the “Stone Cold Stunner” to anybody who asked for it and many people who didn’t. While I have managed to put the thrill of the top rope and reverse suplexes behind me, I can’t help but be excited by a potential tag team match brewing between the Seahawks and 49ers in the secondary.

In one corner, you have Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman. Let’s call them, “The Brick Wallers” (if you don’t like it, I’m open to suggestions).

The bottom line is, they’re big, solid, and if you run into them they’ll make you pay dearly for it. The fact that they both play a physical brand of football only adds to the arguement that playing against them is similar to tangling in the “squared circle.”

In the other corner, you have Anquan Boldin (provided he plays outside and not in the slot) and Vernon Davis (provided he spends some time on the outside as well). Let’s call them, “The Bay City Brutes” (once again, I’m open to suggestions).

Both Boldin and Davis are at their best when they are manhandling smaller defenders to make a catch. I’m not saying they’re body slamming anyone out there, but most corners probably wouldn’t look forward to an afternoon against the Brutes.

I know there is no guarantee that Boldin and Davis will be spending a considerable amount of time lining up outside this season, but if they do it will be quite an intriguing match up when they come to The Clink in week two. Imagine Sherman and Boldin locking up at the line of scrimmage before fighting for a jump ball from Colin Kaepernick. Or Browner, who would probably welcome an opportunity to take on Davis if he slides over from the tight end position. It’s a battle between receivers and corners who don’t want or need separation to make a play.

The fact is, there just aren’t many opportunities to see two big, physical receivers take on two big, physical cornerbacks. Add in the continually growing rivalry between the Seahawks and 49ers, and this positional match up could be the highlight of their games this season.

So when the opening kickoff comes in week two, don’t be surprised if it is followed by the ring of a bell. Until then I guess I’ll watch old Bushwhacker matches.