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Welcome to Hawk Tawk.

Hawk Tawk is all things Hawks, as seen by yours truly, your friendly neighborhood Texan 12thman.  My buddy Ted will make some random appearances and I will periodically feature some original photography by my new friend Anthony May.  Anthony is a Seattleite with a knack for capturing the reality of moment and I am very excited about being able to pretend that I am a real beat writer, with my professional photographer and all.  You are really going to like his work.  Ted is my Dad’s friend who resides in Arizona.  He is a real bear to deal with and sometimes has a very edgy views and opinions, but his unique insight and outside-the-box views have always brightened my day, so I thought why not share?

As you all know, the Seahawks have seen some Tawk lately regarding the Perceived Percy Harvin Catastrophe (PPHC). We have one game in the bag, and some new talent has shown they just may belong.  My question is, why are they all wrapped up in the PPHC?  Percy Harvin did not make the Seahawks who or what they are.  Percy Harvin was  essentially a  first round draft pick (and third and seventh) who was expected to make the Seahawks even more prolific.  There are questions about paying that much money for someone who isn’t helping the team.  Well, a first round draft pick gets paid big, and then add a third rounder (hmmm hmmm DangeRuss) and a seventh rounder and add all that salary together.  What you come up with is a massive amount of money to pay someone who may or may not perform in accordance with his salary.  Percy will contribute. Maybe not right away, but he is a known quantity, and when healthy he will add to the team.

Harvin does not however, hurt the team in any way by not being able to play right away.  Seriously. Are all these so-called experts really saying that Seattle’s chances of going all the way are hurt because they are bringing the same PRO……..LIFIC offense to the game as they did last year?  The same offense that smoked three teams in a row to the tune of 150 points in three games. Get outta here! They must be smoking something. I’m sure of it.   I’ve asked my field reporter Ted to dig into this and see what he comes up with.  Russell Wilson threw for over 3,000 yards as a rookie.  I do not believe that Percy Harvin was on the other end of any of the throws.   If my memory is correct, Mr. Harvin also did not catch any of the (Peyton Manning record tying) 26 touchdown passes that DangeRuss tossed either.

Breaking news:  Ted says he has gotten to the bottom of the sports commentators insane point of view on the Harvin injury. What say you Ted?  Ted says,  “I found out what they are smoking Mike.”  Thanks Ted, you are a big help.

There have been a spat of recent injury reports that a bunch of sports writers are freaking out about.  Well, not actually “freaking,” but making a big deal of because there is nothing else to write about, and they need to feel important.  Stop.  If you are that desperate,  just stop.  Go get a job with an “unnamed major news conglomerate”  where your mediocrity will be appreciated.  There are however a few other injuries that have impacted the Seahawks chance of improving over last year and they are Chris Clemons,  Sidney Rice, and Zach Miller.   Chris Clemons we all know. Sidney because he has proven to be like the leg lamp in The Christmas Story.  It must be french, it says, “Fra-jill-ee.”  Rice went all the way to Switzerland for a treatment he couldn’t get in the states because it isn’t FDA approved.  Dedication to healing isn’t the question.  

Zachy boy has popped up in recent injury reports as well.  He wasn’t much of a factor until late in the season last year, but left everyone feeling as though DangeRuss has found a new target.   He eased through the first week of camp with foot issues then decided to wrap his knee for added drama. Coach says no issue, so no issue. 

The receiving corps of the Seahawks has seen some movement of late. Additions and subtractions are mounting in annual Carrol fashion. I cannot fathom trying to type all of the WR/TE signings and waivers, but if you follow the Hawks you know most of these are to fill spots during camp and allow some of the vets to rest their boo-boos.   Stephen Williams looks like he might have the ability to provide some down field separation, and that will be a welcome addition.  However, there is one receiver I am truly interested in.

Jermaine Kearse is silently toiling in the shadow of the veterans and I feel like he should get some publicity for his effort.  The coaches and players are talking about his improved football IQ and how impressive he has been in camp.  His routes looked much improved, and just maybe he has decided to catch some footballs.  He plays all three positions and is a starter on the kickoff team.  Watch out Tater, someone is trying to make a name for themselves.  Oh, and I hear Tater is impressing too.  Watch out, we might have a few homemade superstars to go with our high-end import.

12thman now. 12thman forever. GO HAWKS!!