2nd edition of Hawk Tawk, a place for all things Seattle Seahawks


May 20, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) participates in organized team activities at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to Hawk Tawk.  This is the second installment of what I hope becomes a regular thing.  Everything here is SeaHAWK, so let’s TAWK.

Last week we were given a glimpse of the Seahawks future at backup quarterback . In my opinion this shouldn’t even be happening. T-Jack should just be anointed the man, and then they could cut Quinn loose to allow him to find work elsewhere.  Tarvaris Jackson is the perfect fit into the explosive offensive scheme Seattle brings to the field.  Remember, I did not like him as a starter but, as a backup he is the man.  He has proven he can win, and did so on a Seahawk team nowhere near as talented as they are now.  He is tough, nobody will question his intestinal fortitude.  And, most importantly, he is respected and well liked in the locker room.  I honestly believe the Seahawks could be just using Quinn as a method of keeping the two quarterbacks that matter healthy.  Time will tell, but I think the battle was won before the first ball was thrown.

This week we saw a whole half of DangeRuss at the helm.  He looked pretty sharp minus a few elevated throws, and a few balls that were tipped at the line and in the mid backfield.  He looks so calm scrambling around the field and sending rockets on the run.  He is going to be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.  He is going to be better than even the biggest fan thinks.  He is very, very special.  T-Jack took over in the second half, and looked sharp.  He knows the offense, and his line likes him.  Quinn came in shortly after, to keep T-Jack healthy I presume.

12ers were also given a glimpse of some young and new, if not young, talent.  Stephen Williams showed some break away speed in both preseason games….he is pretty talented.   He once again flashed his speed, and sticky fingers last night.  Remember he had solid concentration on two long catches against the Bolts too.  He is a big dude, with speed, and he can catch footballs.   If he can run good routes and keep getting behind the defensive backs, he will earn a roster position.

The backfield on the offensive side of the ball is becoming interesting as well.  Christine Michael show some legs and toughness in his debut last week against the Chargers.  He is a very “big” small guy.  I like his quickness around the end and appreciate his ability to punch the line.  How scary is it for a defense to know the Hawks can keep fresh legs in the game at all times, and never change their game plan?  Turbin looked tough last night early on and we got to see some of Spencer Ware and Derrick Coleman.  Ware showed some wiggle and quick moves last night, and is very intriguing.  The downside to so much talent is there isn’t much room in the backfield, but no matter what, the running game in Seattle is going to be even better than last year.  They are going to have some combination of running backs and fullback who are all tough, hard nose runners.  The running game for the Hawks is exciting my fellow 12thmen and 12thwomen!  

The Seahawks have  rare depth at corner, and I see that as being scary for opposing quarterbacks.  With Big Sherm, Browner, Thurmond, Winfield, Blackmon, Lane, Maxwell, and Parker all sticking around so far.  The Legion of Boom, Corner Back Division, really showed up last night and has looked solid through two games.  They have given up some yardage, but are running base defense schemes so that is to be expected.   I have to say that Seattle has a scary, scary corner back corps.

The offensive line should be improved, and a bit of that showed in the second half of the Charger game. as well as the first half of the Bronco beat down.  Russ, T-Jack, and even Quinn had lots of time to think about chucking the rock.  Even though the second halves of both games featured all back ups, the quarterbacks had protection and that means a lot.  The bench players on the offensive line need to be able to fill the gaps and hold the line just as much as the starters.  They will see plenty of time on the field, and seamless rotations keeps the flow of the offense moving.

Last night the Hawks dismantled Denver and “The Ageless Peyton Manning.”  The Broncos moved the ball down the field pretty well, but turnovers took care of that.  Seattle definitely benefited and suffered from some questionable calls by the referees, but what else do we expect?  Seattle’s feared defense was hitting hard and playing motivated, and that was awesome. It was still an interesting game, as we were able to see a little more DangeRuss.  The first team offense seemed be a little more productive, and minus a few miscues, looked pretty darn good.   I would still like a bigger sample size of the tight end corps.

I have asked Ted what he thought about last night’s game.  His answer is………………………………..

Does a bear wear hats and ride horses in the woods?

In other news, Zach Miller is back off the PUP and ready to start practicing…and will be a welcome addition, but still looking forward to seeing Luke get involved in the offense, we’ll see.

Lastly, I think the Hawks are “FAT” on depth at most positions.  They could actually put two starting teams together at three positions, corner, running back, and wide receiver.  They also have some promising young players who will make big impacts this year.  I also believe they will do so immediately and not later in the year.  I want to see glimpses of hope in the pass rush, a wide receiver who can be a viable deep threat, and some equilibrium in the passing/running game.  Last night was far more of a telling game than last week, and even though it is still just pre season , we can pull some excellent truths from the Seahawks  beat down of the Broncos, as we have discussed.  Until next week, 12th man now, 12th man forever, GO HAWKS!!!